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Lame Halloween Candy


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Okay, so I waited to buy my candy till I was on my way home from work tonight. The pickings were slim and all the good stuff that doesn't cost an arm and a leg was gone, so I bought Country Time Lemonade hard candy. I know it's nothing I would have wanted when I was a trick or treater, but my options were limited!

I live in a great neighborhood nestled amongst other great neighborhoods. There are lots of families in the area and normally I get flooded with trick or treaters. I'm thinking word's gotten out that there's lame candy at my house. :redface:

Do you give out candy? What kind did you buy? Lots of cool costumes?

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I used to really enjoy handing out candy to the little ones.

(Not the obnoxious teenagers!)

For the past ten or fifteen years , my work schedule has been such that I could not get home in time.

Just by chance, I found myself home in plenty of time to participate this year.

Of course, I hadn't purchased any candy so the point was moot.

I turned the porch light out and headed for the back of the house.

Somehow, I think they will survive without the candy I could have provided.

It'll be a struggle but who ever said life was easy?

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Well, turn out hasn't been great, but at least it picked up after my post. There were some really good costumes this year.

I got a posse of about six young gals all dressed up like square dancers, complete with pig tails and freckles. It was a very ethnically diverse group of girls, too, which I love to see.

George St George, I got quite a few Super Heroes. :wink2:

I had one SWAT Team Member show up. That was bittersweet since my ex was a sniper on his SWAT team so there's a special place in my heart for law enforcement of any kind. I told Vixen she better behave or he'd arrest her. He liked that and said he was going to be SWAT when he grows up.

Apparently the Orlando Magic has a ghost playing for them - since it's their season opener tonight, I asked him how he was managing being in two places at the same time.

There was even a Said-Head at my door tonight - be still my heart! A Boris Said fan!! :love3:

It's 9:00 now and I'm thinking that's probably it - as well it should be - those kiddos catch the school bus dark and early every morning!

Chef, you've got my attention - Butterfingers and Kit Kats?? I'll be right over!

Notta, hopefully you'll get some kiddos showing up so you don't have to eat ALL that candy - favorites of mine, mind you... I'll help if you find yourself with too much. :P

Waysider, I really considered turning off the lights and hanging out in the back of the house myself, but I soooo love Halloween and giving out the candy... I just knew I'd regret it if I did.

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It's just 7pm here and we're all set with Reese's Peanut Butter cups, Butterfingers and other assorted candies. So far I've only had about 7 customers but the night is young. My nine year old is out with Dad and two of her friends begging candy from the neighbors. I just had to leave and give some candy to two little goulish looking creatures. One of them had red lights for his eyes. But they were very polite and said "thank-you" and "Happy Halloween".

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It was a weird and quiet Halloween here too. Usually I run out of candy the last 15 minutes or so and end up giving out some of the stuff the boys brought home (which is fine by me because they always come home with way more than I want them to eat!).

This year, we had two whole bags of candy left over.

Equally odd, when I took the boys out, there weren't many in our neighborhood who were giving out candy either. Also strange for these parts. Maybe two or three houses per block. The upside is no one else was getting a lot of kids either, so the people who were giving it out were giving it out by the handful and the boys still came home with too much.

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Where we are, unless you already know we're tucked back here, you can't see us, so I haven't bought candy in 8 years.

Kelly, my 12 year old, goes out trick or treating every year and this year was less porches lit up, less kids out.

She still came home with alot of stuff which will end up frozen since she's not much into candy.

There seems to be a shifting and frankly, it's ok with me.

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Well, however you spent Halloween, it was better than mine, I guarantee

Jeeze Pete, all afternoon fighting traffic to get to the emergency room to see my kid all torn up

Well, he's out now, all stitched and missing some teeth, but at least his neck's not broken, like they told me at first.

OH GAWD, whatta day...

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sorry to hear that Geo... hope he's better soon... or at least not in much pain...

I had the little starburst packets, both types of M&Ms (in packs, not loose), skittles and reeses... the skittles seemed to be the most popular...

It was kind of slow, only about 10 groups of kids came by in the 2 hours I was out there but it might've had something to do with the fact that there were only 4 people on my 2 block street giving anything out! ...and I think that's sad. I also kind of wondered about the folks on my street that were taking their kids around but weren't handing anything out at their house... I kind of think that stinks...

I was sort of surprised by this young couple of 14 or 15, he was the big bad wolf with a house gown on and a wolf mask, she was little red riding hood, with a red velour french maids dress, high heels and white thigh highs!

...but the best were the little pirates and batmen...

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He fell off a bicycle. (!)

He was going about 1 mile an hour, the front wheel fell off somehow and he came down facefirst on the axle of the wheel that had just come off. A really peculiar accident. He swears there was no horseplay or "extreme sports" kinda action going on at the moment, He'd just gotten on the bike, rode about 20 feet and the wheel came off somehow.

Anyway, he's got a dozen or so stitches in his upper lip, 2 or 3 teeth are missing, and he's got two black eyes. A less than fun, and rather expensive way to spend Halloween.

I still don't know where the whole "broken neck" thing came from. Damn, but they love to get you worked up, don't they?

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Geo, I went through the same damn thing when our son was 15. He rode a bike into the back of a parked van, whilst staring at some girl he liked. He now has a five tooth bridge. Health insurance paid for it since it was in the context of an accident.

They heal faster than you think they will. Hopefully a great dentist will be around who can fix up the broken teeth.


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Dang, George! I'm so glad it was not as bad as you were told.

I've had a couple of my front teeth replaced, so I know how painful and disturbing and expensive that can be. It also seems to be a long friggin' process, not to mention the fact that every single day, twice a day, you are reminded of said incident that caused those teeth to be fake.

Of course, they could be considered battle scars he gets to tell the ladies about. :wink2:

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I remember going through my son's trick or treat bag once and finding a Bible tract.

How weird is that?

"Thy words were found and I did eat them---- along with the jelly beans and red-hots."

edit: Hope your son is feeling better Geo.

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I give good candy. This year I waited until 2 days before, but Aldi's usually has a good selection of stuff. I get Milky Way, Snickers, 3 Musketeers, Hershey's kisses...stuff like that. Because any one of those kids might someday be considering which house to toilet paper or throw eggs or rocks at and just maybe one of those kids will say, "not that house; they give good candy on Halloween". Naw, I just remember being a kid and rummaging through the candy bag and yes the good candy like I mentioned got thumbs up, but I hated like...jaw breakers, loose M&Ms, candy corn was OK, but I definitely liked the name brand stuff the best. Ten to fifteen bucks and you can get more than enough candy for the night. Why not?

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