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In response to a statement on another thread, I would like to initiate a discussion of positive personal anecdotes utilizing the "law of believing" for beneficial purposes.

In other words, "This (particular positive thing) happened to me as a result of my using the law of believing."

If possible, positive examples only.

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Why is it called a law.

Anyway, I choose to believe things based on very different things in general.

Either by some one speaking or experience or something coming together in my mind.

And not limited to those things either, because I don't want to.

So based on a law of believing statement, could you clarify what you mean please.


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coolchef and cman

Thank you for your responses.

I'm not really looking for anything too esoteric or spiritually deep here.

I'm just asking for people to post positive results they had from operating the law of believing.

And, if possible, give details of how they did so.

No proof is required or expected.

This is just a sharing of personal anecdotes.

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One time I prayed for a guy.. and he started jumping around like a spring chicken. Apparently, he'd been out drinking all night the night before.. he got real excited.. "hey, this guy just got rid of my hangover.."

no kidding..

fast forward about ten years..

some guy was arguing the existence of God or something.. and it was raining like crazy.. I says "don't believe? how abouts we have the rain continue except for this little square block around us.."

I breathed in..kinda relaxed in a funny sort of way.. and there was a rainbow.. no rain on us, but you could see it hitting the road the next block over..

the guy started stuttering something about "witchcraft".. heheh Who knows.. maybe it was..

a little side note.. it DIDN'T get ANYBODY in "gawd's ministry"..

honestly.. as dedicated as I was at the time.. I just COULDN'T say "wanna do the same? come to twig.." Just couldn't do it.. it just wasn't there..

That's about all I've got as far as "results" are concerned.. and I honestly don't know if I can attribute them to "believing", or even just "dumb luck" or "chance"..

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Don't know if it's a law but I've seen God do some amazing things when I just prayed and asked.

One time I was down and out and had no money, I just prayed and this girl just walked up to me and handed me and couple hundred bucks which was exactly what I needed at the time. Things like that.

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When my daughter was about three we awoke one morning to find her 10 cent goldfish floating, as dead as only a goldfish can be, in its bowl. I suggested a funeral for the fish to which my daughter said, peering at the lifeless body in my hand, "No!" and took the fish and put it in her pocket.

I pointed out that dead fish do not belong in peoples pockets -- to which she replied, " he's not dead he is just sleeping!". I explained to her about death and that her goldfish had gone to be with Jesus. She looked at me with a very determined frown and said "He is sleeping, Watch-- I'll ask God to wake him up". She reached in her pocket and pulled out her fish which started flopping in her hand. We put the fish back in the bowl where it lived for quite a while afterwards.

The faith of a Child--

Faith the size of a mustard seed that can move mountains.

I've seen that faith --saw it that day

But is that the same as "the Law of Believing" as taught by TWI --Nope-- NO Way, No HOw. Just my opinion.

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One time my car overheated really bad - smoking, the works. My friends and I just got quiet and held hands and prayed over it - it worked fine after that and never overheated again. This actually happened with another car I was in also - something different but I just believed to get it where we needed to go as we were in the middle of no where -- and I refused to be stranded on the side of the road (I remember thinking) So, I just said, "Father, we have to get it to town where we are going, not any town - our destination and then have it looked at there." I SIT the whole time in my head quieting others just saying, "keep going, don't stop the car!" I wasn't with believers and they thought I was crazy but I just kept saying, "keep going." They talked about it after how I "held the car together with my mind." LOL

Another time I couldn't pay a bill and prayed about it. I really believed for it to go away because it was something I didn't want in my life (regarding why I received the bill) and it just vanished. When I called the people to follow up - there was not even a record of it and it was for a couple grand. I asked the lady, "are you sure?" And she said, "If it ain't here, I wouldn't question anymore." Never heard another word from them. That was believing and I claimed my sonship rights.

I've prayed and believed to meet someone to talk to about God and --hmmm -- maybe about 3x strangers just start talking to me about God and I witnessed to them through the Word.

When I started tithing I began finding money everywhere - $1 here or there $5, $10 - just blowing down the street. I even started to receive random free things like free fries at a burger joint or when a restaurant was closing someone would offer me some food items - good food -- just out of no where. Or they would say they made to much or a waitress made a mistake so it was free. I received free groceries to. And then I kept believing and it kept happening....until one day - I don't know what happened -- I quit.

Believed for jobs - where I would get really quiet and just pray and pray -- and then the phone would ring with an offer.

And parking spots -- it's worked!

Believed for rain to stop -- which it did.

Believed for certain parts of my body to be a way - and they changed.

I've been healed and seen people healed.

That's all I can think of right now but I'm sure there is more.

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You may remember the beat up little Toyota Celica I acquired in 1975. It apparently had some sort of an electrical problem, and proceeded to die in the parking lot at Limb. There it sat, undriveable and forlorn, until on a Saturday JM told me to get it moved to he would have it towed at my expense, because some biggies from NK were coming soon and he didn't want them to see my hunk of junk sitting there. (Of course he could have offered to help me get it fixed, but OOOHHHH NOOOOO!)

P****, J**n, and I think D** Chamb***** looked at it and we decided it needed a new battery. We went into town and got one, had it charged, brought it back, put it in, and nothing happened. Tried to push start it and it ended up, doornail dead, on a little bridge. So they looked under the hood, I sat behind the wheel, and we all prayed and SIT'd like crazy.

I started punching buttons and suddenly the radio came on! I yelled at the guys to pull their hands back, turned the key and it ran fine until we got rid of it in a couple years after Mr. Garden and I got married. I asked them back home what they were doing before it finally fired up, and they said "Praying and SIT." They weren't so much as experimentally jiggling wires.

In 1982 I applied for a job at a hospital and the prerequisite chest x-ray showed spots on my lungs. The doctor told me I either had a disease called sarcoidosis or Hodgkin's disease. I had to wait six months for another chest x-ray to prove which one it was. During that period of time, I went to the Rock of Ages. I went straight from registration to the house of His healing presence, wrote in one of the books and stayed right there until I KNEW I was healed.

Next six months showed no change. The doctor told me it must be sarcoidosis, as there had been no progression. I told him it didn't matter what it was called, I was healed and the visible signs of healing would manifest themselves soon enough. He gave me a mildly disbelieving look and suggested another chest x-ray in another six months. Six months later, my chest x-ray was totally clear and has been ever since.

There's more but I have housework to do!


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Hi waysider,

Thank you for not only starting this thread, but also for so graciously “shouting” an invitation to me to visit.

I have a few stories that may not impress very many people, but I still remember them with great relish. Be warned, that these may not be what some want to hear, but here goes it with one.

When I was first into the Word I took up witnessing with great zeal. I loved it. I did it whenever and wherever possible and then in a few impossible situations. However, early on in my adventures I kept running into people who seemed to have satanic revelation or something to hit my doubt buttons.

One thing that I was repeatedly hit with were doubts about how the books of the Bible were collected together. I was locked onto the “new” idea I received from PFAL that the original scriptures were flawless and perfect. I broadcast this to many strangers as my job and lifestyle allowed this in great abundance. In those days I probably witnessed to about 4 or 5 people per day for a couple of years.

None of the strangers I talked to could move me away from the inerrancy of the texts, but they DID have my head spinning on the Canon and how the books came to be collected together. The doubt that a non-God-breathed book could have wandered into the collection, or that a critical God-breathed book could have been lost both plagued me. It was astounding how many strangers would bring these doubts to my mind.

I read the articles on the Canon in the back of Young’s Concordance and they made it even worse. As I researched for answers on this from other sources it got even still worse. I was coming to see that the Canon looked to be a gigantic accident of history, guided by a lot of warring factions of equally fallen Christians hundreds of years after Christ and the fall of the first century church. God’s hand in the process seemed to be absent.

At the Rock of Ages 1972 I lucked out (or was it believing?) and was parked right next to Dr. Wierwille’s camper. I stalked him for days, often needing to do some fancy end runs around Mrs. Wierwille who was “protecting” him from my long list of questions. The Canon question was my biggest. He was very gracious and helped me a lot, but with the Canon he was enigmatic. He simply said “I never teach on the Canon, except that Paul’s Epistles were always in the same order in the early manuscripts.” This indicated to me an early assemblage, but it was far from the answers I wanted.

Then he did add that he had tried to include the Apocrypha but he just couldn’t get it to fit.

The next year (or maybe two later) I still was plagued with doubts and was in a Family Camp setting. I was early for registration and many preparations were still in the works setting things up. I asked one of the Rye people about my Canon question, a young woman named Michelle I think. She had no inkling what I was talking about, and had a pained look on her face. But suddenly someone who was behind a couch on the floor out of sight making posters jumped up into sight with a shout! He got my attention and then he told me that the first thing the adversary tries to do is get us to doubt the integrity of God’s Word. I think his actions were somewhat to protect Michelle from being infected with the same doubts I had.

To math and science nerds like me, the word "integrity" has a slightly added nuance in it’s understanding. It has the idea built into it of “adding up the sum total of what is wanted and including nothing that is not wanted.” In math talk it's adding up the area under a curve and not including anything above the curve. If something has integrity or if it’s integrated, then it’s all there in pure form... with nothing missing and nothing contaminating.

The fact that this young man used that word spoke loudly to me regarding the books of the Bible being all there and with no counterfeits added in. He helped me louder and better than he probably knew. It seemed like inspired utterance to me so my attention was piqued when I heard that word "integrity" and thought of all the right books of the Bible being there in the sum total.

The man then added that we were taught to go to God and his Word for our answers and not man. I immediately realized that was what I had been doing, going to men, like whoever wrote those Young’s Concordance articles and other materials I had looked for. It seemed logical to me that the collecting together of the books of the Bible took place AFTER they were written, so they, those same books of the Bible, couldn’t address that topic...


Eureka! I had never put that together in my mind until that incident at Family Camp. It seemed like a longshot, but what the young man said fit perfectly with what I had been taught in the class so I decided to believe and see what would happen.

Now here’s the big payoff.

It was big for me, regardless of how it sounds to anyone else. It was a VERY big deal to me. For the next eleven years, count them, 11 years, EVERY SINGLE TIME I OPENED MY KING JAMES there would be staring me in the face some piece of evidence in the text that told me something of the story of how the canon was not a problem at all. The general gist of it all was that the same men God entrusted the writing of His Word to were also responsible to collect it all together in the first century, but that canon wasn’t finally "officially" recognized by the fallen church until hundreds of years later.

The mountain of evidence I collected I still have and the file is almost three inches thick. I believed, acted, and received. I didn’t dare read my KJV in those days without pen and paper nearby to record each session’s canon find.

By the way, that young man at Family Camp was Chris Geer. I’ve learned from God’s Word and from personal experience that God can work with ANYONE to get His jobs done and bless people. Sure, the adversary can get in there too, but we know Who wins in the long run.

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Thanks, everyone, for the interesting replies.


Before we begin to drift too far away from the topic at hand, allow me to restate the essence of this thread.

"As a direct result of utilizing "the law of believing"--------- This happened to me."

If at all possible please articulate on the correlation between the operation of "believing" and the actual event.


Keep 'em comin'!

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I've believed for others also -- which I guess is more the Manifestation of Believing versus The Law of Believing.

Where I would just get so serious about something a special person in my life was going through and then I would receive revelation - in which they had to be believing too in order to follow through -- but when they did....it always worked. (So I guess my believing was a manifestation and there's was the law - maybe they just needed a little help with the believing)

A lady was diagnosed with cancer...saw the x-rays and prepared for surgery - I told her to do something specific and she did it - and something changed in her, I saw it - but she didn't know anything about any of this believing stuff, I told her about it but she wasn't a PFAL grad or anything -- just a lady I knew and cared about -- she went through with the surgery and the Dr. opened her up and THERE WAS NOTHING THERE - the DR. couldn't believe it, went back to the x-rays and she technically had a lawsuit on her hands. But she was Christian and just cried and cried knowing God healed her from cancer -- even though she had to heal from unnecessary surgery.

Another time someone was applying for a position - and I told them specifics of what to do and who to talk to - no matter what - talk to this person - they did it and received a call back saying the person was actually "lower on the list" but because of the coorespondense - they were going to bump them up as they re-reviewed their application and offered them what the person wanted. It took a year off "waiting around" for something.

So, those didn't happen to "me" but I was involved in revelation to help it happen to others.

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Outfield, great incidents. But it sounds like, many of your experiences weren't the law of believing, but rather, the manifestations of Word of Knowledge and Word of Wisdom.

Knowledge = What's going on

Wisdom = what to do.

Like when you told the lady with cancer what to do. That was Word of Wisdom.

I sometimes think we attribute everything to "believing" when in actuallity, its other manifestations at work.

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I sometimes think we attribute everything to "believing" when in actuallity, its other manifestations at work.

I know I attributed way too much to "believing" when I was in TWI.. But that sure never stopped God from working despite me!

Hey, but I remember when I was believing for LCM to be removed from teaching the Corps and then the whole Way.. Prayed and believed and it came to pass! Is that believing or another manifestation?? lol

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Hey.. maybe you could try that on the rest of the numbnuts..

Unfortunately, the "believing" for LCM was while I was in TWI. After I left, I realized how much bull the "law" of believing was and now I just havn't been able to form such a massive weapon of believing as I before did with LCM.. Guess I lost the believing power.. How can I get it back?

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