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I'm on the way out of my apartment to go to work this fine morning. As I get to the parking lot, I see something on the tire of my car. When I get to the car, I see that my car has been immobilezed by a towing company because I don't have the effin sticker on my car from the apartment complex. We have assigned parking, and I figured that if I (the person who was assigned the damn parking spot) was the only one parking in the spot, there should be no problems. I was never told that I needed to put that sticker on my car. I have an aversion to bumper stickers and parking stickers. My stupid car still has the dumba$$ sticker from HQ on it. I covered it with a US flag because I couldn't get the damn thing off.

Anyway, I call the effin towing company to come and take the immobilizer off my car. He is 20 miles away. I live in San Diego. Do you know what morning traffic is like here? It sucks. I yelled at the tow truck driver to get his *** here NOW! I am so ....ed.

I am condmening myself in my stupd head that I am being attacked becasue I left the ministry. But then if I were in the ministry, the same thing would have happened and I would say I was being attacked because I'm doing the Word. What is it? The Way ministry has an explanation to fit everything that fits THEIR *****NG logic!

I know that I'm not being punished for leaving twi. I know it was the absolutely best decision I have made in years. I chalk it up to the adversary is an *******. If you love God, he tries to get his jabds in to make your life difficult.

Thanks for listening.

To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.

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If I may suggest...

1. You should talk to your apartment manager about this.

2. Get a some good bolt/lock cutters icon_biggrin.gif:D--> icon_razz.gif:P-->

*Someone did this to me many years ago (while still in twi). I had a hack saw in my car, and I cut my way to freedom icon_cool.gif

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That is a terrible way to start your day. I am sorry for your troubles.

This is the stuff of life. Sometimes it runs smooth and sometimes it seems like the universe has signaled you out. That is just the way it is. There is no formula, there is no avoiding it. The only thing we can do is try to deal with the situation at hand as best as we can.

TWI created a boogie man to try to keep people in. The truth is that there is no boogie man.

I hope your day gets better.

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Hey Mon, it's just the way of the world. It happened because it happened. Sure they shoulda told you that you needed a sticker, but due to what I call "the human factor" they didn't and you got stung. That's all. I worked for one our states' government departments, and I am REALLY familiar with the "human factor".

And, for years after I was kicked out of The Way, I had the habit of what call "spiritualizing" everything. But really, as Forrest Gump intimated, ".... happens". Hey, have a great day ANYWAY! It's all you can do... icon_smile.gif:)-->

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Aww, man! That sucked!

The last apartment complex I lived in claimed to have assigned parking and handed out stickers when we signed our lease. I never put the sticker on my car either.

I used to get really annoyed when I'd come home from working 3rd shift and someone would be in "my spot." Or worse yet, I'd come home with a backseat full of groceries when the princess was a baby and I'd have to park where I couldn't even see our building. Each time, I called the complex managers and complained. They never did anything about it.

One time I got a note on my windshield from the management telling me to get a sticker from the complex or risk being towed. I had forgotten about notifying them when I bought a new car. Even then, I did not put the sticker on my car, but the maintenance guys knew my car.

I would sure have been mad if that happened to me and made me late for work. Sounds like a goof on the part of the complex.

I hope they don't charge you anything to remove the guard on top of it all.

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And while you're bemoaning the fact that you'll be SEVERAL MINUTES late for work thousands of mothers around the world are wailing over their dying child, begging God to make them well or provide them with a meal.

We've got it pretty good in this country. The concept of framing every incident in life in some sort of cosmic contest of "BATTLE OF THE GODS" never appealed to me much.

Sometimes it gets better, a lotta times it gets worse. Might as well enjoy the ride.


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Let me get this straight.. you're given a bumper sticker... you never put it on because you don't "like" bumper stickers.. then they immobilize the car parking in your parking spot (happens to be yours).. and you think you're being attacked?

Good grief, girl. The apartment complex was just looking out for you. They don't know one car from another so to distinguish.. they gave out the bumper stickers. You chose not to put it on and the apartment complex then boots what they think is an offending car..YOURS!! Why the heck do you think they went to the expense of making up those bumper stickers in the first place? So you could look at it on the kitchen counter?

I'd settle down if I were you and make a New Year's resolution to start using my brain instead of my heart before I fly off the handle at someone.

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You were not "attacked." You shot yourself in the foot. If you got the parking sticker, there almost had to be instructions with it. You may have overlooked them. Even if there were none, it's common sense that parking stickers are not optional.

Your reaction was a rebellious reflex left over from life in an authoritarian cult. Understandable, but inappropriate in the real world. I had to learn similar lessons after leaving, and they were far more costly than yours should be.

The tow-truck driver was doing his job, and you may well be liable for a charge. If you cut the chain, you will be liable for that too.

If you did overlook the instructions, pay the fee/fine if they refuse to waive it. It is legitimate. Call it "tuition" for a life-lesson. As George pointed out, it's pretty reasonable in this world.

By the way, there are several inexpensive chemicals out there you can use to remove hideous-colored cult bumper stickers. Your solution was a good one too, although if I lived in a Wayfer town, I might cover it with one of those Grateful Dead dancing bear stickers, with just a hairline of fluorescent green showing from behind it.

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Why the heck do you think they went to the expense of making up those bumper stickers in the first place? So you could look at it on the kitchen counter?

Yeah, that's what I thought....... icon_rolleyes.gif:rolleyes:-->

To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.

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One more reason to own your own home... lol

Wayfer... don't look for any reason for the problem except human error. Happens all the time. Welcome to the REAL world.

[This message was edited by TheHighWay on January 17, 2003 at 14:18.]

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Wayfer not! you've just had a serious encounter with

The Twibrain Zone!

(cue the music)

There is a condition called waybrain that will continue to rear it's fugly head for some time to come.

As waybrainisms make themselves apparent, you will:

a) feel revulsion

b) feel embarassment

c) laugh loud and long

d) cry a while

e) some of the above

f) all of the above.

Welcome to real life! and freedom.

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Dear Wayfernot,

Don't feel bad, I still have waybrain, but I display it differently. When we left HQ, I still waved at everyone until my older son told me that I was embarassing him, AND,once,after talking to the grocery store manager on the phone about spoiled meat I purchased, I ended by saying, "love you".

I have since changed grocery stores. Love, EH

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I ditto Sudo.

The sticker had a purpose. Not considering the purpose of the sticker and failing to apply it to the bumper caused the problem.

It's not an attack of the devil against anyone, in or out. It was a simple lapse in synapse.........that EVERYONE experiences from time to time whether they want to admit it or not.

Take responsibility for it, put the sticker on the car, and don't beat yourself up about it.

Have a better day tomorrow.

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Not only should assigned parking and a parking sticker tell you that you need to put the sticker on your car, the parking rules are almost certainly spelled out in your lease or an accompanying set of rules that is also part of the contract.

You made a mistake. It cost you some time and money. It's not really a big deal.

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eaglehouse i am laughing my head off and i can relate !!!

why do we get attacked ? that's kindofa funny question when you think about it (no offense at all).

one time not too long after i left the way, i went to a natural man party ha ha ha ha. anyway there was this big black lab who lived there. i went ever to say hello and pet him and the damn dog lifted his leg and started to pee pee on me.

now don't tell me that dog wasn't possessed. talk about being attacked. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

(ps. i thought this thread was going to be about why do we attack each here? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha)

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I'm glad this thread came up. A very dear guy I know had just mentioned to me that I'm spiritually alone out here and subjectable to attacks from the adversary. (cause I don't go to church or anything) I was like...huh?

To be fair he wasn't implying I needed to go to his offshoot,just that I should start looking for some church.

So THIS is where this thinking comes from aye?


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Wayfer, I think sudo, quarma quameleon and others are being a little hard on you but maybe they know you better than I do.

All I can say is I'm still "in" TWI but have rebelled and refuse to carry out or support the idiocy. Since the time I acquired this mindset and started taking action some pretty funky stuff has happened.

BUT MORE ....ty stuff happened when I was a sold out waybrainer. They just told me it was because I was such a great believer that I was getting attacked.

When I lived in Boston they called that restraint thing "The Boot" you would get it for not paying your parking tickets. Everyone dreaded "The Boot".

Now that I think about it, maybe it was good that Ward and Wally spoke bluntly to you because perhaps it will help us ALL to get rid of the insidious "WAYBRAINNNNNNNNNNNN"



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Well guys, I'm not so ticked anymore, just a little poorer ($105.00). Thanks to all who made me laugh. Especially Eaglehouse! I can just imagine saying love you to the grocery manager. icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

Excathedra: You are too funny too! I loved that dog story. Sorry that dog got so ....y.

To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.

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One nite i made a decision to return to TWI in about uhmmm 82... been out for about a few months within a year, but still sns tapes and the way RaG all that time... met a 15 inch oak tree in a VW Beetle passenger side of which I was the passenger with a former TWIAN... my my my... had to learn a few things... like walk all over again... and i returned to TWI...

Tap Tap Tap... where am I going with this???

Oh that's rite... the Devil mad made me do this eh???

Whoops tangent...

PS ... the US flag thing is kewl... but ya can't just cover twi over... it has to be removed from the bumper... yearz later i was at a major intersection rockN my *** off... ya know, one those 'in auto air jams'... dude and lady in the vehicle next to me noticed my vehicle slightly rockn... The young lady I would say at least 18, lifeted her shirt and showed me a pair I will never forget... and they drove off to the right turn...

I still Rok On!!!!!!!


[This message was edited by TheSongRemainsTheSame on January 17, 2003 at 19:31.]

[This message was edited by TheSongRemainsTheSame on January 17, 2003 at 19:33.]

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Dear Wayfer not,

Yes, you are under attack. You experienced a "booty-call". God is not happy with you because he feels you are a numbnutz. If you can't handle your apartment complex, "how can you handle the work of the ministry?" This is payment for leaving the ministry. What were you thinking? Also, you are showing signs of chronic Tourette's syndrome (you swear like a trooper).

My advice - let go, let God and take the money out of abundant sharing to pay the tow fee and outstanding parking tickets.


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