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While there have been many discussions here about Bennie's wheat (wish I could score some of that these days!!) peanut-butter-bombs, brawn bars and fruit soup -- not to mention the frenzied trading that would take place after we all picked up our sack suppers each week, I don't remember anyone mentioning the brand name of the yogurt they used to give us... the one with the thin layer of thick, creamy yogurt on top and the layer of fruit on the bottom... and is it still available out there somewhere?

Thanks for your help!

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Mmmmmmmmmmm....., mung beans!

Funny thread.

In the early mid-seventies, for most americans, tacos were exotic and mild salsa was overly spicy.

Speaking of yogurt, you had only two choices, Dannon or nothing, providing you had ever heard of yogurt.

Dannon had recently built a yogurt plant in Minster, Ohio and someone from twi worked there. With vp's healthy eating policies for the in residence personnel, it fit together like a hand in a condom.


whatever that handjob saying was that the ol' croc used to say.

(I really did love those brawn bars.)

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what's bulga wheat?


Bulgur wheat is a cracked, parboiled, dried wheat which is a common ingredient in middle eastern foods. It's a good breakfast food like oatmeal, and makes a good substitute for quick rice. Of course it highly favored by vegetarians.

bobba dabobbada

Mid level manager,

US Dept. of Knowitalls


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What's a "brawn bar"? Sounds horrible.

I loved those yogurts. Delicious. Most of my in rez twig didn;t. So I acquired theirs. Yum.

But then, they got my PBJs. Yeuk.

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I liked the familia! Wish i had the recipe. I liked the millet, too.

Gawd, I'd forgotten about the hostesses in the BRC dining room, all them good manners all over the place. Then after lunch, Craig would sit atop the back of his chair, wearing his short shorts from Jock Emporium, and pontificate about whatever.

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Familia was, essentially, our version of Muesli. You can add anything you like to it. Some popular additives are coconut, slivered almonds, currants and cinamon. It seemed, though, that it couldn't be officially considered familia unless it contained an inordinate amount of flax seeds. (Nature's little intestine scrubbers)

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ha ha ha ha ha ha ha johnyouare

and the rest of you

i think i liked millet

i guess familia could be okay if it wasn't drenched if fig pep

i believe i recall those brawn bars ;) were they the color of baby poo but they were thick rectangle shape ? very heavy. i think i traded them most the time

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