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This story has seen 14 different versions made into movies. 6 were silent films,  at least 1 was a television-film and didn't air in theaters.  2 were French, one was Soviet, 1 was Danish, 1 was Italian, and the rest were US or UK versions(as far as I know.)

What do Mel Gibson and David Tennant have in common?

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4 hours ago, Raf said:

Pretty sure there have been more than 3 English versions of Hamlet. I know of 3 WITHOUT David Tennant [I don't know of any with him].


The answer was "HAMLET."


David Tennant was in the Royal Shakespeare Company version, with Tennant as Hamlet, and Claudius and old Hamlet played by Patrick Stewart.    It's a neat version with some interesting moments.  (When they catch a fleeing Hamlet, he's brought in, tied to a chair.  When Polonius recites his cliche festival at Laertes and Ophelia, at the end, both mouth what he's saying as he says it, as if they've heard it so many times they can recite it from memory.)

Of course, there was a Danish version because the story takes place in Denmark.

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Sommersby, based on the story of Martin Guerre.

The subtle clue was that it really was Richard Gere who rescued the livestock in person. He plays an imposter in the movie.

Great film if you are looking or something different to watch.

And yes, that was Jodie Foster

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There's a story that goes around about this movie. During its filming, one of the actors claimed he shouldn't appear onscreen and that his character should appear nothing like a human- which is why the actor shouldn't appear onscreen.  He claimed the appearance of the title character should be something that was altered to the form seen in the movie.   When the top guys insisted, he said he just wanted to see how seriously committed they were to the current version.   In all likelihood, all of that was a lie. He wanted to get paid for as little work as possible, including not appearing onscreen.  In the final product, he never bothered to learn his lines. 

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It's amazing how much money he was being offered to be so lazy.  You paid Christopher Lee to be in your movie, and he did his best even if he knew the movie was awful. (Watch the second Howling movie sometime if you don't believe me.)  Someone once confronted Christopher Lee on having acted in a movie that they were confident was truly awful- as if he wrote it instead of just acting in it.  "Have you seen that movie?"  "No, but I've seen the porch that it paid for, and it is magnificent."

Brando tried to say Kryptonians were some sort of box and that they changed Kal-El's form before sending him to Earth.   All that just to keep from doing the job he agreed to and wanted to be paid to do while not doing it.   Frankly, I don't get the fuss. I think they just should have ignored him and gone with other actors. Nobody is truly irreplaceable.    And when Val Kilmer started doing the same thing, they should have ignored him also.  

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One of the stars of this movie lost over forty pounds for his role, because he and his co-star were required to do several physically demanding stunts.

The movie was an adaptation of a TV show.  All but two of the TV show's stars have cameos in the film.  The other two have cameos in the movie's sequel.

When the stars exit the limo and enter the prom, the two guys dressed as ushers standing on both sides are their stand-ins.


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