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Since Momentus was not actually used BY twi or by people

IN twi, not everybody knows about it.

Therefore, this thread.

Can people who know about it please chime in?

Can people with links on it please chime in?

I know it was seen as important by some ex-twiers,

and a number of people condemn the heck out of it.

It's worth its own thread, so please, fill in the blanks.

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Is this current ?

Our Accountability

How is the ACCD accountable for its results?

As an organization, the ACCD is accountable to its Board of Directors. The Board of Directors of the ACCD are nine individuals elected for terms of three years. All of the board members are committed to the success of the ministry.

In addition to three ACCD trainers, almost all of the remaining board members are sponsors of our trainings. The Board of Directors meets quarterly; individually, the Board Members have input through discussions with Daniel Tocchini, the ACCD's Founder and president.

The board of directors include: Daniel L. Tocchini, Jean-Marie Jobs, the chairwoman of the Board, Bo Reahard, Kris Kile, Warren Goolsby, Pat Reece, Bob Hall, Eddy Richey, and Lata Chawla.

The ACCD is also spiritually accountable to Santa Rosa Christian Church as the church body that was the original church home for the ministry.

Daniel Tocchini is accountable to the Board of Directors. Dan also speaks regularly with J.R. Young, the senior pastor at Santa Rosa Christian Church. The trainers are supervised by Daniel and Jean Jobs, who ground and debrief the trainers for each training.

In addition, Daniel and Jean listen to audiotapes that the trainers and apprentice trainers record during trainings.



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Here's some of the information I put together about Momentus.

They threatened the magazine with libel until I told them I was unfazed by their threats, and a judge would hardly think the information was biased when there was provided testimonials from their website in the information the magazine has on the group.


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Yeah, Bo is the one who turned JAL on to it. I guess some folks just love the punishment.

About five years ago I was being pressured into taking Momentus from some exwayfers I knew...I checked it out on the internet and found several negative things about it. One thing that I did notice was that all the Momentus grads that I knew (about 6) were neurotic as hell and had nothing but problems in their lives...The time came when I politely told them that I was not interested in Momentus...They started screaming at me "WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO HIDE?"...I'm serious, this really happened! I walked out and never had anything to do with the lot of em again.

I don't generally post links...I'm appreciative of those who do, there's a lot of valuble info...I'd rather just put things into my own words. Momentus is an emotional rollercoaster ride. They make people dependent upon "the group", they send people off into a mental frenzy of trying to make amends for every lousy thing they ever did in their lives...They confuse repentance to God with repentance to other people...it's a combination of primal screaming, Korean brainwashing techniques, and a host of other clever parlor tricks...this same scam was being pulled on people under a different name...Tocini or whatever his name is, gave it a new name, put a thin veneer of Christianity on it and found a whole new market to buy his product. The only thing I would say to the folks who run these Momentus classes is a quote from the great Frank Zappa..."Jesus thinks you're a jerk".

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My wife & my sisters & I did it. We really dug it. But it's certainly not for everybody. Certainly not for neurotic people...that's what mental health professionals are for...

My observation is that few people put wheels on what they learn there. Seems most people 'have an experience' and then just return to their previous lives without making changes. Too bad...

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Wow Evan! So basically any valid complaints raised against Momentus are to be casually dismissed as that made by neurotic people in need of help of mental health professionals, and those who 'just return to their previous lives without making changes'?

"My observation is that few people put wheels on what they learn there." Well hell, some folks could say (and have said) the same thing about TWI and VPW.

For a brief second there, your post was almost like reading a Oldiesman-like defense if VeePee.

I guess if you take an abusive situation/class, and as long as it has the appearance of living the Christian life and repentence of your sins, its ok by you?


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Hunter Tylo's interview on the 700 club with Dr.Paul Martin as the expert in the psychology field was quite illuminating about Momentus.

Also, their approach to critics with threats of litigation gets my attention as a group to have concern about.

Oh, and the multi page disclaimer that you have to sign that you will not hold the group responsible should you need psychiatric help after the "training", or if you should die during the "training" that your heirs won't sue them should be a loud wakup call.

Oh, did I mention the Momentus training room I rented once for John Lynn's visit in New Hampshire had a very interesting feature. It had a deadbolt that required an key to unlock from the inside....Why is that???

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Mr. pjroberge you are in the business of giving facts about groups and the problems you may have with what they do or do not do , it is a needed service and you have helped many.

CES involvement with the monmentus was from a different position I think, it helped them so they really reccomended it to help others.. and people took it as a idea and got hurt in the process of getting involved.

CES defended monmentous and said some very nasty things about those who gave negative feedback.

When John Lynn was FIRED from the way he also said some very nasty things about twi and VPW then calmed down later and sang a differnt tune much less attacking and hostile.

I do believe it was to draw people away from twi and into his thing and I think it was done out of anger and hurt and his deep feelings of betrayal. I have zero doubt John Lynn would have never left twi if don W. had not told him he was done and not to return. He claimed to not know the reason he was fired.

Both Johns have since admited to adultry in their marriages while in the Way and have claimed repentance but it truly was the kettle calling the pot black at that point. Both have divorced and remarried since then.

It was a war.

These leaders truly believe they love people and know what is best for God concerning what folks should do with their life and had many fall right into line with them .

I think the monmentous thing slapped them right across the face with the reality they are not above hurting others with their pompous misdirection given in the name of love and growth for Jesus. I think it was needed .

the problem with scraping up half dead cult head from the gutter and claiming to lead them into a glory land of right teaching and good love is you still have the same problem as the original one of all time.

leaders are NOT responsible for the body of christ to work effectivly and well in the manner God almighty created!

Jesus christ IS ALIVE and is the ONLY one begotten and given the JOB to DO as our eternal KING ( leader)

please read that again....

so the "victims" had no business asking another to be responsible for what only a livng and abiding Spirit can do for them , and the leaders can learn to humble themselves under the mighty and all powerful hand of God who is the only one who reigns on this earth.

The conflict begins when money is involved with guys who have never had to think about believing God instead of other chirsitans for it AND when christian believe what a man may say about ideas instead of God because they are paying money for it or just do not know any better. TWi instilled this mind set and CES and the folks who follow them cling to it in practice amass even if they preach different. Denial is a strong thing and very sly in the mind I really do not think CES or those involved realize how it happenens to this day. Monmentous woke many up to it, once again God is on the throne trying to give His children a chance to come to Him as the one who knows and truly Loves them above all others.

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Dear mj412,

I never have thought that these men and women who promoted Momentus or any other ideas of similar ilk were not truly sincere in what they were doing. I respect and love JAL and would not have supported CES and put John up at my home otherwise.

However, after learning about problems caused by the Momentus "training", CES still continued to embrace its flawed and dangerous results and damage to people.

I find that once a person is told about a problem, their reaction to either correct the mistake or to cover it up with rationalizations is very telling about where someone's true colors are.

The great "benefit" to the people in my area who took Momentus is that they separated themselves into momentus or non momentus grads and separated from our fellowship.

Unless you would cave in to the constant pressure and take Momentus, you were effectively marked and avoided. This behavior is typical of cultic group control and all too much like TWI.

The fruits of the Momentus "training" for what I saw was putrid,rotten to the core, and to be avoided. Anything that is a quick fix mentality is usually a load of crap.

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