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Wow, that's kinda amazing HC, really. I do remember that he had a serious grip though. But having been a sheetrocker for a few years (now I'm a sheetrocker-on and off-for 28 years!-oy vey!), I definitely put the squeeze on him too.

I do remember that he'd lost some fingers, and I remember the glove as well. I remember that VPW made a point of mentioning his grip and the loss of his fingers. VP was always impressed with people who "overcame the odds" and made something of themselves in spite of their handicap...

I think of our small uncovering of this history as an answer to one of those "little things" that I think of once in awhile. Not terribly significant, but very interesting...

Thanks bruh!

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Yeah JL. Seeing his hand, you would never believe that thing could hold anything. It was the kind of thing that would scare small children, I kid you not.

It was the old, "You'll never drive again thing." He really did overcome the odds. Most people could never drive a car like that with two great hands.

It was interesting. I remember it so well because I felt honored to meet somone with that kind of hutspa, kahones, or whatever you want to call it.

yer welcome!

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I remember something about VP talking to the Coors guy and some other corporate presidents in the motorcoach parking area at the Indy 500.

They all had their custom coaches parked next to each other, were talking about features on their coaches, then were talking about the size of their companies. If I'm talking about the same incident there was one of the heads of a major US car producer there too.

Of course they do billions per year and VP's company only did a paltry $22 million.

I remember vp saying he sort of shut them up by saying something to the effect of, "My ministry gets 85% (a factual statement) of it income from freewill offerings, how much would your company make if people could buy your cars and pay whatever they feel like they're worth."

That was his story.

I remember thinking, Yeah, and you use it to go to Indy every year in your $800k motorcoach. WE drive WOW mobiles and listen to your stories about the race.

I was more ....ed tham impressed.

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Yes!!! ABSOLUTELY right HCW!!

All the time spouting off "God is no respecter of persons" they fell all over themselves to ... to what??? Kiss their a**es while we swept up the crap. And telling us to "believe" for prosperity yet telling us to live on as needed basis.... sick sick sick sick!!!

YET!!! That is what tipped me off to the underlying true nature of the beast. So indirectly I'm thankful for the duplicity.

I was watching a program on Dick Clark and the history of American Bandstand. They were showing some famous artists first apperances on bandstand. I saw Prince, with his band, and they intro'd each member and Gayle Chapman was on keyboards.

There was a tape going round in '86 that she was on.... It was said she had played w Prince. Never gave it too much credance, but there she was on AB. That was kinda cool.

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That was probably M*ke F*ntz, who has worked for Jim Davis for years, and may be there still. The "Garfield" studio is located in Indiana. It's a beautiful setting, where a group of talented artists produce the garfield comic strip, as well as Garfield posters, ads, and you name it. I can assure you that M*ke would not claim to have 'invented' Garfield.

While he is talented enough to be famous in his own rite, I'm not sure if being part of the Garfield team qualifies. I'm an artist at Disney, and am about as anonymous as one can be.

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Al, who was that gal in the 11th Corps who would come and go as she pleased--flying in, flying out--but wasn't required to really DO the Corps program or even BE there most of the time?

Remember her?

Don't know if she's famous, but she was pretty well to do (the duplicity thing you brought up again).

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Originally posted by Mercedes Benz:

I remember hearing that the guy who "invented" the game Dungeons and Dragons was a PFAL grad. The story I heard was that he invented it before he got into the Word and sold all rights for $25k.

Zixar and I got into a running debate over this. It's around here somewhere.

Dungeons and Dragons was always Gary Gygax's baby and I NEVER heard of him

taking it. I completely forget the substance of Zixar's replies, but they're

around here SOMEWHERE....

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Ok, found the previous discussion on Dungeons & Dragons.

Supposedly, the twi legend was that the game was "made by one of the Corps to gain

better understanding of the spiritual world- then the idea was stolen."

Zixar gave the following information in reply:


"The first editions of D&D still say 'by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson'. The 2nd D&D

supplement, 'Blackmoor' is credited entirely to him.

Dave Arneson was a believer who lived in St Paul, MN for a while. Don't know if he was

Corps or not, but he really did co-write the game."

Blackmoor was a famous supplement for the 1st edition D&D.

So, Dave Arneson WAS one of the guys who DID do work on the original.

However, the name ANY old-school player of D&D (basic or Advanced/AD&D) remembers

is Gary Gygax. A number of the developers' names were snuck into the names of things

in AD&D, such as the Chariot of Sustarre (a chariot of fire) and the Apparatus of

Kwalish (a minisub). Since Arneson's name did not appear in that fashion, I'm suspicious

of any claims he was THE big guy in developing the game.

D&D was not developed in one afternoon by 2 guys with a big bottle of Mountain Dew and

some dice.

Tabletop generals had been playing all sorts of vaguely similar games for a long time.

(In its own way, it's similar to "Risk" and "Stratego".)

One board-game of that type involved movements of medieval armies.

Rules were developed for THAT game, and it was known as "Chainmail."

Further developments and improvements on "Chainmail" (which was itself an expansion

of certain tabletopped games) resulted in 1st Edition D & D.

I'd say further that most people who played it more than once played "AD&D",

which was the "Advanced" game based on 1st Edition D&D.

Dave Arneson worked on 1st Edition D & D and made significant contributions to it.

Calling him "THE inventor" of the game, as you can see, is, at best, only slightly

true. He's neither the "first" person who worked on it, nor the one who worked on

it most, nor was there only ONE person at any stage. It's like claiming Henry Ford

was "THE inventor of the automobile".

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I have to chime in hear. The D and D believer guy, I guess it was Dave whatshisname, I don't remember, was never in the way corps.

One year at the Rock, he spoke, and I was assigned as his corps buddy hostess. All I remember is taking him to the food tent, and making sure he got fed. I do remember he told me he worked for Parker Brothers Games?

He was a nice guy. He told me the game he invented was a "retemory" and role playing game based on the book of Acts. But he worked for the company, so he had no rights to anything he invented. They took the game, and made it something else.

That's all I remember. icon_smile.gif:)-->

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Near Fame but not Famous:

A test/race driver for Ford or was it GM?

The daughters of a guy that ran fer Lt Guv of a Southern state

And some grad gal who hooked up with a psycho n got embroiled in some sort of crime worthy enough of putting her picture on the cover of a true crime novel.

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He was a nice guy. He told me the game he invented was a "retemory" and role playing game based on the book of Acts. But he worked for the company, so he had no rights to anything he invented. They took the game, and made it something else.

I remember a dude in my area getting M&A and one of the many reasons was because he never got rid of his D&D stuff after being told to burn it. I was never into D&D but I didn't understand how a game could be the source of so much evil and the possibility of possession for someone.

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I would say that if someone was named 'Dave whatshisname', then that negates fame status.

It is interesting that you didn't remember his name because he wasn't in the corps. It reminds me of one time when I was doing 'Glad ' magazine with Taylor O, And Mark Fr***zak. We were at a word in business thing in Memphis, and a member from Joyful Noise came by, and talked to Taylor while I was sitting next to him. She referred to me as if I wasn't there, and said she didn't know if the magazine had any worth since she never heard of me, but now knowing corps guys were involved she was inclined to give it respect.

Not the first or last time I felt less than human for not being corps, and I don't mean to equate ex 10's comments to that. It just reminded me of it.

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I just re read ex 10's post, and removed the commas. I realize that wasn't what she was saying at all,just that dave whatshisname was never in the corps.

I guess it's still possible to have sore spots even after being out for 16 years, and I apologize for taking comments out of context.

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