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Originally posted by Belle:

He was a nice guy. He told me the game he invented was a "retemory" and role playing game based on the book of Acts. But he worked for the company, so he had no rights to anything he invented. They took the game, and made it something else.

I remember a dude in my area getting M&A and one of the many reasons was because he never got rid of his D&D stuff after being told to burn it. I was never into D&D but I didn't understand how a game could be the source of so much evil and the possibility of possession for someone.

Some people say to watch horror movies is to invite possession,

to read liberal newspapers is to invite possession,

to have conversations with certain people is to invite possession.

twi was worse than most at that, eventually.

We've got documents showing how evil the internet supposedly is,

how people risked possession by logging in.


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oh! i just read that he WASN'T in the corps in the previous posts. maybe he wasn't, but i know for a fact that he was somehow affiliated because my mom & dad used to take me to his apartment when i was little. I SWEAR! icon_smile.gif:)--> My mom said he was a really nice guy and super intelligent. he is program director at Full Sail College in Florida now; that's the school I'm going to next year!! icon_smile.gif:)-->

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WB...... don't remember the 11th corps gal you asked about....

Remember a hughe double standard for some corpse people though. The ones with means/resourses of their own, or who had parents that gave big.

Glad it happened... saw for myself that twi was no different than any other organization.

Emmmmm...What do they say.... "money talks" Yeah that's the ticket!!!

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"There was Tony Collins of the NE Patriots."

Interesting story about him, draw your own conclusion. One year we had a prayer weekend for him because the Pats were playing the Jets. We prayed that "seed boy" Mark Gastineau wouldn't tackle him. Gas was a feared man at the time, freakishly (steroids) strong. TWI said he was possesed and that we didn't want him to knock his seed into Tony. Sure enough, Tony Collins had the greates single rushing yards in Pats histoy and was never tackled by Gas. That record still stands. We took credit for it. Poor Tony has had nothing but problems since then.

I also was told that Henry Winkler took PFAL. I think that's crap. The best part of that rumor was the it was a secret, so he woulnd't ruin his career!

Then there was Ford Agency model Lake Daily. Where's she now?

Paula Smith, tennis pro "chose" to become a lesbian.

Island Weiss deals art to the stars : http://www.islandweiss.com/pages/gallery.html

Billy Falcon was a major label artist and worked with Bon Jovi.

Irving Fryar took PFAL at my house. He's a minister to this day, not with TWI.

Tony Phillips of the oakland A's was another troubled dude. Funny how PFAL won't stop you from doing drugs.

Dave Garibaldi, still with Tower of Power after his TWI induced hiatus.

Most of the others are rumours Dale Earnhart never took the class.

Bill Lamb, wrestling coach was never as famous as he was made out to be.

"Irving Fryar, of New England Patriots fame, played for the Tampa Bay Bucaneers later on in his career."

It was the Miami Dolphins. He's going to be a hall of famer.

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Originally posted by MiniCorpsConscript:

and just to clear the air, it WAS Dave Arneson, not Gary Gygax, that was involved in the way. And to put the debate down about who "really "made D&D, it WAS Gary Gygax. Arneson would be considered a co-creator. I know this crap because i am a NERD. Either way, both guys are good at what they do.


I made much the same comment, but it seemed my posts got skimmed at best.

Since I bothered digging up the previous discussion of "Blackmoor" (which

Arneson DID write) and gave a quick thumbnail of the history of D & D

(in chronological order but without dates), I thought it would be read a

LITTLE slower. Although, to be honest, Gary Gygax, IF ANYONE, can be said to have

been the creator of D & D, it really WAS the result of a number of people on a

number of occasions, including Arneson. Few things are made solely by one person

with absolutely no input from anyone else.

(Supposedly, PFAL was exactly that, but, as we saw, that was a gross lie.)

Sorry for the interruption, everyone. Just us geeks passing thru.

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WB - I know the 11th Corps gal you were asking about. Her father owned a plane and was very well off. During Thanksgiving and Christmas he flew in and took her off for a quick get away who knows where.

She did do the entire Corps program. She never missed anything. She sang for a while in one of the bands on campus.

I don't think she was famous or at least I never heard of her outside of the Corps. Very nice person though.

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I met the individual on the right at a "public ex" in NYC so very long ago, along with his lovely wife. He was wearing the requisite suit and nametag at the time. Martindale may have been there too, but I'm not sure. Looks like he's enjoying life. He deserves it. Recent photo is from the NY Social Diary website.

I have to admit, I didn't expect to find anyone I've ever met on this particular site, but there you go. I'm sure he was telling everyone about the time he once met satori.

I'm not sure why he's wearing the drapes.

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I believe Irving F. finished his career in football as a Redskin. He was working with a church in Florida as an assistant pastor according to radio reports.

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