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Famous PFAL Graduates


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Please contribute names of famous people we know

who are graudates of "PFAL, the series."

Include yourself if you like, understanding the term "famous" is relative.

I was wondering if anybody knew if both or neither

of the black panthers, Huey Newton and Eldridge Cleaver took PFAL. Yesterday a Mormon claimed

Mr E. Cleaver went to their church but he has been dead for quite some time.

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People who I recall that went to twig (supposedly) but never took the class:

Burt Young ("Pauli" from the movie Rocky)

Robert Wagner (It Takes A Thief/"Number 2")


Ronald Reagan

Naomi and Wynona Judd of "The Judds"

Supposedly Prince went to Twig in Minneapolis, but was on the verge of fame just as The Class was about to start, and was ripped off by the devil with his new found fame and was not there for that first session...

Same with The Judds down there in Nashville. Almost in the class, but they "got signed" and whisked away by the world. Man am I thankful they got signed! I love their music! If they hadn't, maybe we'd never have heard that song "Grandpa" which never fails to melt my heart. I guess they could have become "Singing Ladies Of The Way" though...Yuck!

Notice Iused the word "supposedly". These are just the things I heard when in. Maybe someone else out there knows more on these particulars.

Oh wait! David Garibaldi of Tower Of Power fame is definitely a grad, and a finer drummer I have yet to hear! We all know of him of course, with him having played with "Takit".

Now, that was an interesting name, hmm? "Takit"...

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A corps woman I was sponsoring wrote me that Elderidge Cleaver spoke at the Way College. Whether he was a grad or not, I don't know.

There was a rumor that Linda Rondstat walked out of PFAL.

And another rumor that Crystal Gayle talked her sister out of PFAL...who's her sister, Loretta Lynne?

Just stories that went around. Who knows.

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This is a thin list at best. A longer one if you count all the 'rumored' famous people.

There was Tony Collins of the NE Patriots. Craig tripped all over himself to laud him to the sky. Interesting how every 'worldly' achievement was useless until it wasa football player, or someone who the way could point at for credibility.

Also his teammate Irving Fryar, who had drug and domestic abuse problems.

In baseball, there was Tony Phillips of the oakland A's.

Then there was Dave Garibaldi and Skip mesquite of Tower of Power. And good Seed featured the back up singers from gary Puckett and the Union gap, but we're pushing the 'famous' envelope here.

Then there was..uh... can't think of anyone else who actually took the class.

Oh-Ron deVoe, who was a semi-regular on the Gong show-as you can see I'm really stretching.

Urban legends abounded concerning people witnessed to. Cher supposedly was going to take the class, but turned it down when she said it didn't cost enough, so it must not be worth it. This was used as fodder to build a mindset that 200 bucks was chicken feed.

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I heard that Robert Schuller (sp) the minister who has that crystal palace in California took foundational PFAL. I didn't hear if Eldridge Cleaver actually took PFAL but that Ralph D was "working with him" or something. Yeah, I'm sure it wouldn't have been pretty if Prince tried to do way prod stuff with front splits and other gymnastic type stuff on stage.

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Here's some that I remember:

Mac Davis (singer)...took class

Cher...decided not to take class at last minute

Bob Richards (Olympic champion and salesmen for "Wheaties")...spoke to us at corps week and said he would take the class (don't think he ever did)

Several of the members of Earth, Wind and Fire

Famous sportscaster (McCay?)...his daughter was in the corps, I think

Paul Allen...Famous "webmaster" who pushed Craig Martindale"s face into a fresh cowpie.

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Eldridge Cleaver DID take the class but got turned off by pushy way types trying to get him to "promo" da vey and pfal. One guy who had a radio gig, in the SF Bay Area, if I recall, got him to come on the air and tried to get him to talk about this "class" he had taken. EC backed off after this poor attempt to get him to "witness" for pfal....

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A girl who played guitar for "Prince", I ferget her name now, was the one always leaning on him to take the class. I don't know if he ever even came to a fellowship, but he was already an established Rockstar, or whatever the hell he does, when that came about (no, I'm not a real big fan). She seemed like a nice enough girl, and quite a looker, IIRC. She went in the corps and I never heard of her again.

Along with the ones already mentioned, here's some more that were supposedly all primed to take the class:

George Harrison

Bob Dylan

Billy Joel

Janis Joplin

and on and on. All of it B.S. I'd bet, but such was the rumor mill around TWI.

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Geez, there were always rumors of famous people who got witnessed to, or "almost" took the class...Way urban legends icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

TWI put out a flyer in the early 80's, Bob Donaldson was in it - the rodeo clown - a bunch of us went to see a rodeo in which he participated in Omaha in 1982. Jim Schoefeldt (sp?) who played hockey for the Buffalo Sabres and later coached the New Jersey Devils was in it as well. Tony Collins was also, if I remember correctly. I don't think that any of those "famous" folks stuck around for long, other than the musicians, most of whom were in Way Productions.

My ex-wife, former fellowship coordinator and son all witnessed to the guy who is currently the Secretary of Agriculture, but he wasn't interested. icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

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Ya'll do realize that if any one famous took the class they would have wrote about it, talked about it, sent out tapes, made a documentery about it, make us tell everyone else about it.

Of course there was one guy who took the class in November 1975 in Houston. ME. But I'm not sure if I'm infamous or just famous.

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Leeza Gibbons took the class...oh,wait, that was Tony Robbins' class...

Then there was John Travolta...oh, wait, that was L. Ron Hubbard's class...

The Beatles...oh,wait, that was Maharishi's class...(they car pooled with Mia Farrow)

Oh, I know, the famous Singing Navel!

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