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  1. LOL love it, Bolshevik !!!!!!
  2. My book would be something like… Help ! I’ve Fallen for Lies that I Won’t Give Up by T-Bone == == == == == == Notes on the back cover: The true story of the meandering journey of one man’s search for answers to some of life’s biggest questions and the dead-end detour that waylaid his progress for twelve years. From the opening chapters you’ll meet a quirky, inquisitive, and creative young man, looking into various belief systems and enjoying writing, painting and playing music. It is only when T-Bone gets involved with the insidious cult The Way International, that a pall of dark and stifling ideas spreads over his young and vibrant soul. Like so many other idealistic and impressionable youths that joined the cult, he fell for their lies of redemption...hook, line and sinker…lies that he would not give up because of the tenacious mindset that TWI develops in its followers. However, through a series of unfortunate events, personal research, constantly stubbing his toe on reality and the fearless dialog with other dissatisfied followers, T-Bone was able to break free of the stranglehold of a cult’s lies. == == == == == == What reviewers are saying: I could not put this book down…I read it until I fell asleep. Johnny Jump-Up I think he plagiarized a bunch of stuff from that negative website Grease Spot Café. wierwille admirer who prefers to remain anonymous. The narrative is okay but lacks a coloring book section. Waysider Now that his damn book is published maybe he’ll start tackling the honey do’s list. Tonto
  3. yeah - food, water, medical supplies - think preppers, survivalists...along those lines preppers survivalism == == == == on a related note maybe bugout bag bugout bag when I took a CHL class years ago the instructor was retired law enforcement and was big on being prepared - went into "overtime" one session discussing worst case scenarios, emergencies, and the need for a bugout bag and other things. ****but again i say - we ought to hear from other Grease Spotters on what mal-pack is - cuz most of the time i don't know what i'm talking about....sorry
  4. yoo hoo - oh Waysider could you help us out please I think it's a reference to packaging emergency essentials - usually you would place items on a pallet and then wrap with plastic to secure the goods in place malpack corp. but i may be wrong see also Grease Spot thread below: new and improved mal-pack
  5. From Dot Matrix's first post on this thread - a portion of what Martindale said to the corps regarding his supposedly godly solution to the basic spiritual problem of man vs woman: "The renewed mind in Christ Jesus the Lord delivers a woman from the spiritually savage mindset of terminal bitchiness, thinking the sun rises out of her vagina, and the moon and stars out of her brain. While a man is delivered in the Lord of the constant threat of being neutered; while he whimpers to feed me and .... me every other minute." == == == == == == == == I think Craig's basic spiritual problem was that he was trained by wierwille.....wierwille....ha ! Don't get me started !!!!! He thought it was ok to show Family Corps (adults AND TEENS) porn videos.....part of "way corps training" don't you know. The way corps was such a horrible and insidious "training program" that had sexual predators at the helm !!!! Not only poisoning the minds of way corps but also sexually molesting some of them. After i think about some of the things these predators said or did - it makes me wonder why anyone would give credence to their twisted interpretations of scripture and corps meeting rants. I left in '86 so I can't address what top leadership has done since then - but their maintaining the coverups and perpetuating wierwille's "the word" bull$hit - I don't think anything has gotten any better. I sometimes think of the way corps training program in light of Matthew 23:15 "Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when you have succeeded, you make them twice as much a child of hell as you are." == == == == Hey, any corps still standing with TWI - wake up and get out !!!!!! It's all a big mind-faaaawwkk !!!!!!
  6. Wow, Thomas your Post blew my mind !!!! thanks !!! As a Christian and former TWI follower - I think that is one of the most important things to always remember.
  7. And since I organize everything by association - my MAL-PACKs should be near my packs of Pall Mall and Pack Rats I found at the Mall. Thanks for the reminder !
  8. For Sale: Cult leader with dwindling fan base looking to sell one overworked motor-coach; uniquely designed interior with extra storage space for an exceedingly abundant supply of liquor, Roofies, and MREs (note: these items are sold separately), and includes classic entertainment system (Beta-max Video Tape Player); equipped with luxurious Sofa Fold-Out Bed (hole in mattress has been repaired); sports a vintage rear bumper sticker “If this van’s a-rockin’ don’t come a-knockin’ ”; custom exterior lettering in need of repair, currently reads “Go _ _less _ _ _ Abundantly”; will consider the "best" offer or trade for Volkswagen minibus.
  9. Sorry - a little late for that...since that was part of my "severance package" I had the apple and brawn food bar freeze dried and rolled over to my ROTH 401K Post-Apocalypse Account. now if you are still interested in trading - I might still have some Shepard's Pie or Pizza with chicken gizzards on it - hermetically sealed in space-age ziplock baggies of course - in my way corps memorabilia footlocker....I'll have to check - let me get back with you on that.
  10. Wanted: cult leader - no experience necessary - but lack of scruples a plus; proficient in The Word wierwille 1.0; must be willing to travel and mooch off fan base; must excel at perpetuating existing schemes and generating new ones and be committed to maintaining the highest security standards for lockboxes and coverups; perks include raping and pillaging loyal followers (with gender of your choice); salary commensurate with cutthroat experience.
  11. The same as what qualifies anyone to oversee a cult - if they are next in line of a bunch of cutthroats.
  12. You have shared this point many times….and it’s been illustrated in many folks’ stories here on Grease Spot too. But lately I’ve been so fascinated by it. For a long time after I left TWI I think I still had some nebulous notion that wierwille was able to wield such an enormous amount of power over others; but taking into account the onward march of time and reality…and people growing up, it demystifies the demise of TWI – for me anyway…it's like some weird game of adult cult leader versus impressionable youths – however the game-changer for those who wise up is time and reality – that eventually levels the playing field. Skyrider, I love this: “…all toward the view of upward mobility was being discussed on the home front. Responsible people are not stupid. They plan for the road ahead.” Very simple and so true! I think wierwille had a two prong approach as a cult leader – it was either finesse or force. If his charisma…his disarming charm couldn’t carry the day then he’d be the autocrat and rain down hell, fire and brimstone on your life. I was watching America’s Funniest Videos tonight and saw a clip of a little kid literally afraid of his own shadow. As the setting sun made his shadow longer it really freaked out this little guy while he was walking along. Hilarious! Reminds me of a mindset I had in the later years of my TWI involvement. Timid and fearful of the real world outside…worrying that I was never spiritual enough to handle things right, worrying about how we would make ends meet, worrying that I would disappoint leadership above me, worrying that I would get chewed out by Craig for something I did or didn’t do. But a funny thing happened…I started making some adult decisions – like resigning from my assignment as an area coordinator and letting Craig know I needed some answers to things regarding the passing of the patriarch and the crapstorm that followed before I would resume any ministry responsibilities. This little guy no longer fears his own shadow -or any shady cult leader for that matter.... Never got any answers from him – and in time I focused more on my own family, what we needed, what i needed to do to get back on track with my career path, and delve into the great mystery of buying a home...and as ministry concerns faded away I was well down the road to reality.
  13. Ok maybe I exaggerated a little in my last post...I think you might get one last sack supper as part of a severance package
  14. True....but being corps you could get booted out, dropped from active corps, marked and avoided, delivered unto Satan, excommunicated, terminated, erased, cursed and called-out beyond belief, blacklisted, have them put on your permanent record that they wish they could strike you from the record, no sack supper for you, forfeiture of Holy Spirit dove pin and corps name tag, do not pass go - instead go immediately to jail and witness to the spirits in prison... On the blight side - you could start your own TWI-clone.... ...or go legit and develop an honest career path, buy a home, etc. in which case you're raising yourself up by your own bootstraps while at the same time shoving a boot up the a$$es of those dumba$$es at HQ.
  15. Grace , once again I thank you for your service to our country and even though I have never been in the service - over the years I've worked around enough military, former military, and I have even worked on military bases and defense contractor's factories as a security technician contractor - to get a sense of it all. Now I have been in the way corps and would have to agree with you saying the corps were treated worse than if they were in military service. Because in the military there are set standards - standards of excellence, I might add - as well as protocols - that make sense! There's preparation and training for scenarios in the real world - the bottom line is that it's all geared to preparing men & women to provide much needed defense and support services for our country and even beyond our borders too! Way corps training ......mmmmm...maybe wierwille's intent was to develop crack troops for God - but in actuality the standards, protocols, training etc. we're all based on one measly little narcissistic megalomaniac (wierwille) and bottom line the focus was always "what would wierwille do?" Motto of the way corps "it is written" ?!?! That's only a partial rendition - I wish you could see it in the original - it's actually "it is written in PFAL". The way corps training prepared men and women to provide a "much needed" defense and support services for wierwille's little make-believe world of the way international.