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  1. thanks Rocky ! great Seinfeld clip for this discussion !
  2. reminds me of that old classic A Tale of Two Squares... It was the end times It was the worst of the behinds
  3. When the roll is called up yonder I'll be there...for my two square allotment
  4. Or maybe his last words were "Rosie's Bu++ "
  5. Yeah - - maybe so....youth and naïveté go together like peanut butter and jelly.
  6. Thanks for that angelfire link. After reading the article a couple of times I tend to think the author goes through great pains to disprove the Trinity – however I’m not crazy about his effort to confuse “in the beginning” in John 1:1 with “from the beginning” in I John 1:1 – as stated in one sentence from the angelfire article: “John's letter tells us quite clearly what he means by his language in the first verse of his letter and his Gospel.” I disagree - it seems obvious to me that there are two distinct and different time references between the gospel of John 1 and the letters of John. “In the beginning” of John 1 has traditionally been understood as paralleling Genesis 1 – the beginning of the time -space-material universe. Besides echoing the Genesis phrasing – there are enough other far-reaching temporal allusions in this first chapter of John’s gospel to suggest more is meant than just the beginning of when the gospel was preached. In the grand scheme of things perhaps we should take note of the gospel intertwining creation and salvation. And in like manner borrowing “the Word” from the Old Testament as well as Greek philosophy John has intertwined a message that reaches out to both Jew and Greek. Whereas I John 1:1 as well as other verses in John’s letters that the angelfire link correctly points out deal with “the beginning of the proclaimed Good News”. I don’t have a problem with that. Perhaps from John’s letters we may gather the gospel message is solid…secure…unchanging…stable…not evolving or morphing to follow trends or some fad or to give it market appeal. Of course this is just all my opinion – I could be wrong.
  7. Yeah Grace, what I think was lacking was street-smart - you know, necessary skills for survival in the real world - like the ability to spot a scam and to recognize a bunch of control-freaks, etc.
  8. Tired of all the time you waste in those other cults? Come to Total Recult. We can plant the memories of bad cult experiences in your mind - without you having to actually live through them. If you’re only 18 years old but want to feel like you’ve been in an abusive and exploitative cult for 30 years…or more – we can do that to for you. Come to Total Recult today!
  9. I went into the corps program during the latter part of my TWI involvement (took the class in the winter of ’74…went into the Family Corps in the fall of ’84)…your posts got me thinking over that time before I went into the corps…I know this is going to sound odd – but I kinda see that time as obedience training (as in obedience training for dogs) in that it served as a prerequisite for way corps indoctrination - - - - in other words, it was conditioning for a more efficient uptake of cultic bu11$hit. Given the long time span before I went in the corps – is that much more time to develop a sublime veneration of vpw – which probably made me a real pushover for those cultic bastards.
  10. some very interesting stuff there Thor....thanks for sharing all that - especially that link - - a one time astronomical event ! lots of stuff to think about.
  11. Wait, wait don't tell me...he's listening to The Squirrel Nut Zippers.
  12. Nope nope nope! Misapplication...for attacking windmills contact The Don Quixote Squirrel.
  13. tough fight he had with Alzheimers...thanks for posting that video Skyrider.
  14. Oh my gosh - the first squirrel to be knighted ! Sir Nutzalot
  15. No wait I think you're on to something - it's like believing in reverse...you have to learn to $h it gears - - errrrr I mean shift gears.