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  1. thanks for keeping Grease Spot alive and well...Tonto and I donated to the cause.
  2. edited - sorry off topic
  3. Yeah, Raf - our family would definitely do that again....I enjoy reading your posts – always exemplary of critical thinking skills in action and imho you have a long suit in honesty – needless to say I’m a big fan – I have that book Thank You for Arguing that Rocky mentioned – great stuff to review occasionally.... Sorry about my attempt at levity on this thread – just couldn’t resist a good set up.
  4. not to sway you one way on another but you can get a laptop that has a CD/DVD read/write drive - of course, you can get an external CD/DVD read/write drive that you can plug into a desktop or laptop
  5. you know...the only bad thing I remember about our Disney cruise was leaving my floating footwear at Castaway Cay Island.
  6. ever had a tough day? sometimes a goofy video can help.
  7. Like WordWolf said it depends on what you want to do with it. Personally I lean towards laptops with Windows 10 operating system. I have a Toshiba Laptop and Tonto has a Sony Laptop. We also have a 2TB Western Digital Network Storage (not only good for storing pictures, video, music, documents, etc. but also we can move files between our two laptops). And just as a matter of efficiency – I’ve learned from some IT folks I really don’t have to do a backup of my operating system anymore (it would take a number of discs just for that!) – what I now do is make a copy of any photos, docs, files, etc. and have just that on my network storage and/or burned on a disc. So in a worst case scenario – I just need to re-install my operating system and then once that’s up and running put the copies of the stored files back on it. I bought our laptops and network storage at Best Buy. I like the portability of a laptop – I do a lot of programming and technical documentation for work (photos, videos, Word docs, PDFs, spreadsheets, software programs for security systems + A/V equipment); for fun, I love messing around with photography and music – again, the portability is nice – I can move laptop from our office to living room or dining area and multitask (watch TV – rip some music CDs – check on email – look at Grease Spot – hang out with the family). I usually go for a brand I’m familiar with; I’ll comparison shop on the Internet and pick the brains of any IT guys I work with too. I’m not an IT guy – I know enough to get by with all that I do…Some of those IT folks have some pretty beefy looking laptops – I mean the keyboard is even the size of one you’d plug into a desktop. As far as sound goes – there’s a lot of options – speaker systems that plug into the PC’s headphones jack – or if your Laptop has Bluetooth – get a wireless speaker system. One of the CEOs I do contract work for gave me a JBL Pulse Bluetooth Speaker for Christmas – you gotta hear Crossroads and Spoonful on that baby and it has a programmable light show to boot! Oh, the colors and trails are far out, man! Whether you go desktop or laptop – Mac or PC (I’m not familiar with Macs – but I do have an iPhone and iPad) – figure out everything you want to do with it before you go shopping at Best Buy or wherever. Once you have that locked in – I’d recommend going with a reputable brand from a store near you. Laptops have come a long way in being just as performance-powerful as desktops - : gude to 2017 17" laptops best gaming laptops
  8. Tremendous insight here, Skyrider ! What a false sense of security I had while in TWI. Trusting that wierwille/TWI had our best interests in mind by keeping us safe and secure from "worldly influences and the Adversary" – is like letting the fox guard the hen house.
  9. I think there are situations where anecdotal evidence may be just as validating as facts or careful study - when it resonates with another person or persons. Take Grease Spot for example. When I first came here - I had already left TWI over differences of doctrine and practice – as well as the various ways my family and I were exploited. Reading about other folks’ experiences – many accounts being similar to my own – resonated with me on several levels…intellectually, emotionally, socially, etc. The validation for me is hey I’m not the only one who felt weird about this or that…I’m not the only one who thought something was seriously wrong. Maybe logic and evidence are not as big a deal in About the Way forum as they are in the doctrinal forum – but maybe that’s because some folks are usually looking for something to relate to or that resonates with them in About the Way forum…maybe not looking to debate or convince somebody of something but instead they are looking for validation (or support) for what they already feel is true.
  10. as physically demanding as the way corps program is - it makes sense the director is a pharmacist - so he can prescribe performance enhancing drugs. just bring your Rx right up to the counter next to the Kool-Aid display
  11. That’s a good point about the indoctrination process; that doesn’t occur with the casual reader….which is another thing that makes me wonder about the credibility of some who come to Grease Spot, making like they’re an outsider – not affiliated with TWI in any way, shape or form – and yet as crazy as this sounds, they rave about the merit of wierwille’s books. Like the person – earlier on this thread who claimed to have a degree in theology – yet deemed some of what they learned in that degreed program was crap compared to wierwille’s books. And on top of that implying they had mastered wierwille’s works - to the point they could reprove TWI leadership who deviated from wierwille’s great “truths”….. By the way – most of the folks that I remember using terms like “mastering PFAL” (wierwille’s books and class) were in the Way Corps. I used terms like that myself when I was in the Way Corps program. I’m not saying that is the only context where phrases like that were used – just saying that even at the highest level of supposedly academic achievement in TWI, “mastering PFAL” was the gold standard of “truth” - - uhm….wierwille’s version of truth that is. I tend to think with such a tenacious grip on wierwille’s stuff from a supposed outsider- that might be a red flag that they are not being upfront with us - but rather indeed they have been indoctrinated through some level of involvement with TWI. On a side note – Waysider, thanks for the link to the Waydale repost – glanced through some of it – and will definitely read it in its entirety later – great stuff on applying critical thinking as you wade through wierwille’s mishmash.
  12. I fail to see the slippery slope you fear so much. I’m not challenging some truth or whatever it is you’re afraid of losing. Hold onto whatever you want. I was responding to your comments about you not being in the way. I was telling you what that experience was like. I survived a cult. I survived the devilish way Bible truths were twisted by a cult to mislead me.
  13. This is a very important point - not to be missed ! You were not in wierwille’s cult. That right there is probably the biggest reason for the HUGE difference between your experience and that of those in wierwille’s cult. As far as wierwille’s books go, you were left up to your own devices – as the saying goes. You had the freedom to pick and choose…what to accept…what to reject…you had the freedom to choose what you wanted to apply – and the freedom of how you would apply it. No one manipulated, deceived, misled, or coerced you into doing anything. Now perhaps this discussion could go around and around all day over wierwille’s books – which is ok - but we would need to get specific on exactly what is of value and what criteria to use to determine that - however I would like to zero in on the point you made at the end – your lack of the cult experience. You see - wierwille’s books are only one part of the cult formula. The other part of the cult formula is the cult leader. The cult leader is the catalyst. In chemistry, the catalyst causes or accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected. a catalyst And what was the reaction that wierwille caused or accelerated in loyal followers who studied his books? Among many other insidious mind-screws it was a belief that he – wierwille was THE man of god for our day and time…I was in wierwille’s leadership training program – the way corps. We did not have the option to pick and choose what or how to apply the things in his books. If you did not agree with him you were thrown out ! being committed to a cult – it’s more than just about book learning – more than just information on a page. Now as I look back on my time in the way corps program I understand how plastic or malleable wierwille’s books and even the Bible became to suit his own agenda. That’s the “charm” of a charismatic leader and the “beauty” of group-think (I’m being sarcastic here). I don’t think outsiders praising wierwille’s books intend to be demeaning to former TWI followers – like we’ve ignorantly thrown out the baby with the bath water – discarding something valuable along with something undesirable. I’m not crazy about that idea because it ignores the complexity and individuality of people. Instead of using very broad brush strokes perhaps a pencil with eraser is in order – I find myself re-evaluating things all the time; that’s the freedom of not being in a cult! I can change my mind on a doctrinal position. I may re-think some aspect and decide hey that’s not bathwater…or something I thought wasn’t bathwater – I now think it is. Outsiders and even folks in the general TWI populace who are fascinated with wierwille’s books and his teachings of “the word” should take a look at the very real practical consequence of wierwille’s works. I’ll give links for three important books below – these are real stories by former committed followers who witnessed firsthand how wierwille often justified his abusive and exploitative behavior with pat answers from his own books or even some Bible verse. Losing the Way The Cult That Snapped Undertow
  14. true - - from the guys' point of view although when I started this thread i was imagining it from the female point of view - and was pointing out the overall creepy aspect of it
  15. That is a very thoughtful post and I can relate to so much of what you said. One of the best points I take away from what you said is that no one on earth has all the answers. From what you’ve said here you seem to have given the issues a lot of thought. My advice to you is don’t ever stop doing that. As far as an approach to Bible study there’s one book that I often refer to – Understanding the Bible by John Stott. It is a simple and solid approach. Understanding the Bible by John Stott