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  1. Skyrider, enough can’t be said for the truly good leaders like yourself ... ...Plenty has been said about the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich - - I mean the Revival and Restoration of the Turd Reich.
  2. Picking up threads

    “Maybe I'm not sure how uncertainty is being used here” now that is really funny all by itself ! “But I would argue awareness of the fact that there is always uncertainty makes one aware of the infinite” and I think you have something there – maybe that’s why I lean toward a Christian agnosticism – I like to remain open-minded about things unknown since dare be a whole lotta dat out dare.
  3. TWI is NOT a supermassive black hole

    In my first post I said this thread is all about the deceitful, manipulative, and underhanded methods that The Way International frequently employs…However, I believe there were some good people in it when I was involved – as there probably still are today – and so I wanted to mention the difference between a manipulator and a motivator (an honest person of influence). I found this article that addresses the difference and thought some folks might find it interesting – so from Psychology Today article are the following excerpts: “…You can think of it as the difference between influence and manipulation. I checked these words out in the dictionary and actually they are pretty close in definition. They both involve “producing an effect in another person without apparent exertion of force.” But manipulation is defined as “having control over others by having the ability to influence their behavior (emotions) and their actions so things can go in the manipulator’s favor” and “to control or play upon by artful, unfair, or insidious means especially to one's own advantage.” In my experience, a manipulator tends to play on others’ fears, greed (a form of fear) or guilt. Those being manipulated feel pressured, trapped, or angry. In contrast, the word influence has an ancient root in the Middle English word for “emanation of the stars.” Definitions include “the emanation of moral or spiritual force.” People who are influential tend to be charismatic and admirable. We are inspired by them and aspire to be like them. We feel good around them. (Of course, not all influences are good, but have you noticed that we need to say “bad” influence to clarify a negative effect, but we never have to add “bad” to manipulation?) When I think of manipulation, I think of someone who cares only about his own needs, a person who puts his self-interest above that of others. For instance, toddlers, who are naturally self-centered and convinced of their own omnipotence, can be excellent manipulators. They’re savvy enough to have figured out Mom or Dad’s hot buttons and they’ll push those buttons relentlessly to get exactly what they want... …Compared to manipulation, influence has a more positive connotation that takes into consideration others’ needs and desires. As parents, we want to influence our kids to be healthy and safe. As friends, we want to influence our friends to happy and fulfilled. As business owners, we want to influence our clients to be successful and prosperous. We want what is best for those in our “sphere of influence.” ” == == == == == some differences I see is that a manipulator is dishonest and self-centered – only concerned with achieving what they want – merely using the needs and desires of others as a means to compel them toward that end. Whereas a motivator…someone influential, considers the needs and desires of others and works to help them define, focus and achieve what they really want. Along those lines I found an article in Christianity Today on motivation versus manipulation: “It has been said the difference between motivation and manipulation is the quenching of thirst. If so, the key for leaders is to look for thirsty people and identify their thirst. Effective motivators ask themselves, What kind of water do I have to satisfy that kind of thirst?” I tend to think a motivator is an honest person with a broad altruistic streak running down their back – maybe that’s how they recognize a desire…a thirst or an interest that is already present within someone – something they want to achieve – and the motivator wants to honestly help them get there. A manipulator camouflages their goals under the guise of appearing as things that you want... Why did I join the way corps? I wanted to grow spiritually, become a stronger believer, and find out what my special calling was… and how was that achieved? I’ll tell you how! By re-hashing PFAL, hitching to LEAD / rock climbing, the work program, stringing chairs, getting corps sponsorship together, corps night teachings of "the word" (ahem...and I quote "doctor wierwille said this...doctor wierwille said that.." ), bless patrol, going light-bearers, research papers focused on regurgitating PFAL… spiritual growth? naw, life is slowly choked out by the stifling stagnation of spiritual darkness (if what you think is "light" or illumination in your mind - and it's actually darkness - how great is that darkness! Because you think that is light !!! ) becoming a stronger believer - translation = being closed-minded and wierwille-centric; knowing PFAL like the back of my hand - which has the crib notes for all 12 sessions. find out what my special calling was - - heavy revelation here - ta-dah ! I can aspire to be a top notch flunky for The Way International. But when you look past the veneer of Christianity, past the mindless repetition of busywork (those cheap ba$tards) , and see that you've hung all your aspirations on wierwille and company blowing smoke up you’re a$$ - then you realize you’ve been had by manipulators – welcome to the world of cult indoctrination TWI-style...those supermassive a$$holes !
  4. Picking up threads

    I guess you’re right – such a silly notion may be unnecessary…and I certainly did not feel forced to choose between slim options… maybe it’s a despicable-attitudes-call-for-desperate-measures thing…I dunno. I would also like to add that you probably did not know me or what I was like when I was in TWI…I feel my current attitude helps me get in a better frame of mind socially – where I’m more apt to listen and learn from others – especially those who do not hold to the same beliefs that I do – cuz it’s not like I’ve got it all figured out or even feel slightly confident that I’m on the right track.
  5. Picking up threads

    On a personal note - since I left TWI, I have not come to any conclusion on the “once saved always saved” issue - so I lean toward an err-on-the-side-of-caution stance regarding my own salvation in that I’m really not sure if I am saved, so I continue in trying to follow / practice my Lord’s teachings ...sometimes I have this silly notion that maybe this uncertainty is a good thing overall in that it keeps me humble and respectful toward God and others...perhaps the biggest sins I realized I had committed over and over again when I was in TWI were those of pride, arrogance, and an elite sense of spiritual superiority over those not in The Way International... I wonder if there is some protracted process implied in a passage like Matthew 24:13 he who endures to the end will be saved ...and other verses like Philippians 2:12 work out your own salvation with fear and trembling... ...I know all that stuff about Christians being saved by what God accomplished for us through Jesus Christ - but I wonder if “the road” to Jesus as my Lord and Savior could be a rather long and arduous journey - and I also think of verses like Matthew 3:8 and Acts 26:20 that speak of us bringing forth fruit that proves our repentance - one could infer that this indicates a protracted process is at play...maybe as we look back on our Christian lifestyle after some time at it - we can garner some sort of assurance we’re on the right track...at least for me it is - at least sometimes I feel I’m on the same page as my Lord - a lot better than when I was in my cavalier “way-daze-of-assumed-spiritual-elitism “. so maybe some self-doubt is a good thing...we question ourselves...we work on self-improvement...and then we do gain some confidence through the whole experience .
  6. If I may adapt a couple of familiar phrases (knowledge is power and power corrupts ) to wierwille’s licentious lifestyle - - I would say that perverted knowledge has the power to corrupt the conscience. In light of his knack for twisting scripture I think wierwille’s doctrine and practice had some virulent strains of dualism and Gnosticism in his hodge podge of theology. Dualism: wierwille may have held to an extreme literal interpretation of Romans 7 - the spirit is perfect but the flesh is totally corrupt - and I am tempted to think he had an attitude of “and never the two shall meet” so why even be concerned about what’s done in the flesh...I believe Paul - in Romans 7 as well as in many other passages and by other writers as well - clearly shows there is a war often raging on WITHIN us - and that rather than give up, we are to fight against temptations and all manner of personal weaknesses . Gnosticism: wierwille sold folks the idea of a special knowledge that would supposedly enable them to unleash the power of god in their lives. “What power we have if we only knew it”. That is one of the essential underpinnings in PFAL, the Advanced Class and all the other pointless classes in between - . wierwille’s go-to phrases for justifying any of his immoral behavior reflect his “gnostic “ confidence- the supposedly deep and mature knowledge he had of “the word” - - things like “I’ve so renewed my mind that this is not sin to me” , or “unto the pure all things are pure” , and “the love of god thinketh no evil.” That is the “power” of perverted knowledge - ( or the perversion of knowledge if that makes more sense) it supposedly trumps the moral dictates of scripture and becomes a powerful sedative to the conscience.
  7. Revival and Restoration

    Bi tch Perfect 3
  8. Revival and Restoration

    I think LCM didn’t have whatever finesse wierwille had to charm and manipulate folks. Lacking finesse he resorted to force - bully tactics.
  9. Gutenberg and YouTube Evangelists

    And as a follow up to WordWolf’s line of thought: you can’t teach an old TWI fool new dogma.
  10. Gutenberg and YouTube Evangelists

    I still prefer actual books over electronic books - although I do think the convenience and space-saving factors of e-books are a huge plus...for fiction, general literature, stuff on writing, music, drawing, philosophy, history and such I will get on Kindle (my wife is a big proponent of going to the library-and I’ll probably get into that when I retire) ...but certain books on art, illustrated books on science , history, warfare as well as select commentaries and systematic theologies I prefer them in hardback editions. While I do think the Internet is a rich resource of information like how-to videos - I don’t get into the social media thing - don’t have Facebook, Twitter, etc...I get it what Chockfull was saying - some folks get online and come across like they’ve figured out the true interpretation of the Bible, or the inside scoop on whatever it is they’re talking about. I mostly look up movie reviews, Wikipedia plot spoilers (so I’m ahead of the game when I go to a show - darn my slow processor ) and of course keep up on what’s happening in the news - both kinds - real and fake
  11. Plagiarism on the road to success

    (sound of feedback from a cheap PA) attention Adolph’s Cut-Rate Liquor shoppers - will the customer who wanted to trade 4 used tires for a couple of cases of Drambuie, and the girlie magazines uhm...uhhh...my boss said we can’t do that...so ...uhm ...please return those items ...we’ll have your tires by register number 3...The deal is off...uhm ...sorry for the inconvenience.
  12. Don’t Worry, I really appreciate all the intriguing details you’ve been posting about the humble - naw , scratch that - I mean bumble beginnings of a cult. and thanks to WordWolf, Chockfull, Socks and everyone else who have commented
  13. I remember wierwille saying something like that "He even said once, I believe Bullinger would have gotten to Jesus Christ is not God had he lived long enough.” – maybe it was at Advanced Class ’79. == == == == and I remember another thing he said in reference to Bullinger – maybe it was in that same setting – can’t recall his exact wording but it was something like “ you can squeeze the Word so hard that you’ll have error running out through your fingers.” there’s some sneaky things about wierwille’s somewhat derogative statement of Bullinger: - criticize and detract from one of his biggest plagiarized sources…so much for the “mathematical exactness and scientific precision” of “The Word”… - as much as wierwille twisted and mangled the interpretation of the Bible – and yet elevated himself so much above Bullinger is like Jack the Ripper saying he’s a better surgeon than any qualified medical practitioner...wierwille always had a tendency to present himself as head and shoulders above many of the people he referred to - like he was so far ahead of them in rightly dividing the Bible... and maybe even more importantly supposedly having God as his own personal tutor. I seriously doubt if wierwille could have been intellectually objective in looking at another person’s work - let alone grasping the salient points – I could be wrong but I suspect his intent to steal their work and cover his tracks was the overriding principle to thwart such "insignificant issues". I guess he figured he had more to gain by stealing and lying than by truly learning and being an honest teacher... or maybe he just misunderstood the "make it your own" idea of becoming thoroughly knowledgeable of studied material...he took that literally (< note the double entendre - includes plagiarism ) - - and put his name on it
  14. Great plagiarists ink alike
  15. Thanks for that info-packed post, Don’t Worry ! I am totally surprised hearing about those research nights when you were in-Rez ...quite different from the stifling stagnation experience when I was at Rome City.