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  1. Never "holy" enough

    Welcome to Grease Spot, Less Than – I am sorry to hear about the loss of your Dad and the tension with your Mom. Family conflicts can be messy and complicated all by themselves and even more so when you have a cult in the mix – I think it may be because a cult has its own set of weird interpersonal dynamics – which gets superimposed…injected…mixed in with whatever particular dysfunctionalities are already present in a family - every family has them - - there is no “perfect” or “normal” family. On the anxiety / depression thing you brought up – I can relate on how I use to believe if I worked at renewing my mind, praying, reading the Bible, etc. I would be over my depression. I suffered from it before TWI – then while in TWI it eventually got worse (please refer to my previous paragraph – mental health issues and a cult are never a good mix). I finally went to a psychiatrist – even though I was wondering the same thing as you “what would I actually talk about?”. My first session was more like stream of consciousness writing – I was flitting from thing to thing – going over various incidents, worries, fears, people in my life, failures, decisions I made, etc. His great words of wisdom were “you’ve got to stop beating yourself up over all that stuff.” There were a lot more helpful discussions of details in the following sessions, of course and I found a great book to help me manage depression - it’s Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy by David Burns ...The book gets into cognitive distortions which are "exaggerated or irrational thought patterns that are believed to perpetuate the effects of psychopathological states, especially depression and anxiety"…funny thing though – while I was reading this book I began to realize that there were a lot of cognitive distortions built into the mindset that The Way International encourages its followers to have. I think that’s some of what my psychiatrist was addressing when he told me to stop beating myself up over things…yeah I sort of got the idea that some of the mental habits I learned in TWI actually made me my own worst enemy, if you can believe that. Hope to see you around, check out the About the Way forum you’ll probably find some stories in there of folks you can relate to. And let me offer you a cup of our finest cappuccino.
  2. Thanks for posting that Rocky - yeah I wish she went longer too. and it is so eerie how destructive cults use similar tactics: she talked about the cover-up and code of silence over an abusive uncle with her cousins; then going on to say how through that code of silence there’s the likelihood that the abuse or whatever extremely offensive behavior that is being covered up will have a trickle-down effect - in that some good people can wind up doing bad things. Yeah - I tend to think no matter how goody-two-shoes someone is - no one is impervious to the effect of standing knee deep in the hypocrisy of a religious cult - it’s gonna take its toll...it’s gonna wear you down.
  3. Concerning the Bible...

    Yeah I knew that...I was just using what you said as a springboard to launch my own superstring theory - how to tie together two threads using a common vibe in select particles of each thread... ...and hopefully it doesn’t turn into killing two threads with one post...well technically it would be two posts - one in each thread...hmmmm - guess that could be a quantum twin...yikes now we’re talking spooky physics in the fundamental parts of an ex-fundamentalist!
  4. Concerning the Bible...

    Well, if you think I’m gonna do an encore of my self-flagellation routine…you’re crazy ! Just kidding Moderators, you all have done a great job of keeping Grease Spot on point with its mission…thanks so much…I might say something there if I can keep it from straying too off topic…I mean, the tag on this thread does say “CONFESSIONS of a former fundamentalist”…interesting problem though…explaining how my apology was prompted by things going on in more than one thread…this may wind up being a “what-came-first-the-chicken-or-the-egg” scrambled up mess – so I’m entertaining the idea of starting a new thread to show the timeline of it all…just kidding! there i did it - intergalactic travel is possible!
  5. The Trinity

    Hi once again TLC & Grease Spotters thought I’d tie up a few loose ends…of a “thread within a thread” – I apologized to TLC on another thread concerning the Bible the apology was for my overreacting and being overboard harsh and critical of his posts both on that thread and this one…for me Grease Spot is often a “story within the other side of the story” - - the changes I’m going through as I (hopefully) grow further away from TWI and a certain mindset I use to harbor. Perhaps I can also relate this back to answering a question Bolshevik posed in the first post of this thread - “I'm hoping some Christians (or some who understand) can explain why The Trinity is important to many Christians, why VPW's anti-Trinity stance was significant, and how the non-Trinity view may have affected other doctrines of Christianity in TWI. (What might have been intended and unintended consequences.) What role does the Trinity play and what did VPW disrupt?” I think one of the consequences of wierwille’s anti-Trinity stance was how it helped to foster a dogmatic response…followers of TWI would never dream of thinking outside the (theological) box…thus a very successful group-think was established…I’ll end with what I said in my apology on the other thread: "One of the great things about Grease Spot is rather than there being something of a collective consciousness in the discussions - it’s more along the lines of divergent thinking - where a variety of possible solutions are proposed in an effort to find one or more solutions that can work...here it’s cool to QUESTION EVERYTHING and you’re FREE TO PICK AND CHOOSE what makes sense and works for you! That was some of my thinking in starting this thread - - and uhm...I seemed to have forgotten that."
  6. Martindale and his lifetime pension

    Hush money = dumba$$ suppression system
  7. Concerning the Bible...

    TLC, thanks for your thoughtful response and I am glad you appreciate what I said...and at least you’re more aware of how you come across to others... for me it took a private message from WordWolf awhile back concerning this thread - and it was just a simple friendly comment of his - something along the lines of he thought my several posts to you were way overboard harsh and critical...good call on his part - and it took awhile of letting that percolate...so I started crafting an apology on my iPhone / notepad but i was gearing it to the “Trinity “ thread - - but damn about the time I was going to post it there the Mods had locked that thread...I kept waiting and waiting ... but when it comes to doing “penance” this old catholic boy gets very impatient - I just wanted to get it over with and move on. Well, it was more appropriate for this thread anyway since it was here where it “all went down” You spoke of genetics...I don’t know how much of it is genetics and how much of it is attributable to a fundamentalist-mindset-hangover or other bad habits - but I seem to be especially gifted at being an azzhole. I found a good definition of azzhole proposed by Aaron James: “That got me thinking about what it would be for someone to qualify as an azzhole. Harry Frankfurt partly inspired this. I thought: Frankfurt put his finger on bull$hit and I am a philosopher, so I should define “.azzhole...”. After considerable tinkering and with the help friends, I settled on this definition: the azzhole.... is the guy who systematically allows himself special advantages in cooperative life out of an entrenched sense of entitlement that immunises him against the complaints of other people.” (Note: I had to change words to “bull$hit” and “azzhole” to get by Grease Spot censorship) See article here Well anyway, we all have our shortcomings and long-suits...and with us all having a common experience of having been in a screwed up organization at some point in our lives - this seems to be a good place to work all that out... ...my wife came up with an alternate way of expressing love that we both use at times when one of us feels vulnerable or $hitty and it’s to say “thanks for putting up with me”. Which I’d like to now say to you and all the folks at Grease Spot - thanks for putting up with me.
  8. Rocky, good article and that book looks interesting too...Your post brought to mind wierwille’s phrase of how we can “love the unloveable “ - which for me now looking back often meant do whatever it takes to get that person to sign up for the class... and if they’re not interested in taking PFAL then drop them like a hot potato....that’s where I draw the line on how much to love the unloveable ha ! “Love the unloveable “ seems like a rather silly naive notion to me now - if someone is truly unloveable then why am I focusing my “affections” on them? To have answered that question honestly back in the day might have been painfully revealing . I guess back then I was so naive and idealistic...and overly simplistic and shallow to think the cure-all for everyone is PFAL...as the pep talks often used to go for motivating us to get someone signed up for the class - - sort of along the lines of “if you really care about someone you want to help them - and there’s nothing better than PFAL that can really help them.” I agree with the article that “love bombing” is a way to manipulate someone - to get them to do what you want, like sign up for the class...it was NOT a genuine unselfish love - but rather self-serving...I could be a real azzhole to my family all day long but boy could I turn on the charm if there was a new person at fellowship! Maybe folks will see me getting them to sign up for the class !....What hypocrisy!
  9. Revival and Restoration

    Now I feel bad - you’ve used my name twice and I called you Little Miss Name-Dropper... sorry about that Twinky Twinky !
  10. Revival and Restoration

    Oh hi Little Miss Name-Dropper
  11. Concerning the Bible...

    Hey TLC, after mulling over your posts here and elsewhere- and especially the one on another thread (The Trinity) where you reminded me of your thought process - I feel I owe you an apology for the way I’ve come at you sometimes - basically overreacting. I know you’re big on the Socratic method - which is considerably “destructive” in that it breaks everything down so as to expose all parts for closer examination- which is one of the things I admire in your posts...maybe I use more of a dialectic approach so I tend to pursue a synthesis maybe even incorporating an opposing view or two from the discussion. I don’t know enough about all this stuff to say if one method is better than the other - although I will admit the Socratic method is probably the cutting edge of any critical thinking...and frankly I don’t think I have the discipline and patience to pursue that route to the nth degree like some folks do at Grease Spot...if we were talking shop - I’d say I’m more of a systems integrator than a design engineer anyway ...One of the great things about Grease Spot is rather than there being something of a collective consciousness in the discussions - it’s more along the lines of divergent thinking - where a variety of possible solutions are proposed in an effort to find one or more solutions that can work...here it’s cool to QUESTION EVERYTHING and you’re FREE TO PICK AND CHOOSE what makes sense and works for you! That was some of my thinking in starting this thread - - and uhm...I seemed to have forgotten that. ...Anyway, sorry for the detour folks but I thought that needed to be said... and again I just wanted to apologize to TLC for the way I’ve gone at him sometimes...and for not really appreciating the detailed thought process he brings to topics...I think these “skirmishes” have been mostly my fault - thinking back, I believe I could have been more patient and be more articulate in my questions in sorting things out for clarification...I’ll try to do better from now on...TLC has always been respectful even when I’ve pounced on something he’s said... ...peace to all. sincerely T-Bone
  12. The Way Biblical Research - New Slogans

    Finally, there’s a cure for intelligence!
  13. An adaptation of “Respect” modified for the board of directors R-E-S-P-E-C-T Find out what it means to me R-E-S-P-E-C-T Take out those B-O-Ds (S-O-Bs would work too) ...on second thought "Take out those B-O-Ds" sounds like a mobster hit...since I'm opposed to violence let's make that "Kick out those B-O-Ds"
  14. Concerning the Bible...

    I think you have something there…I tend to think inspiration is not as a direct a means as revelation ( just thinking out loud here – I’m not developing an in-depth word study or anything) …maybe it has something to do with content…inspiration could be influential…something that ignites imagination or innovation - - you see something in a totally new light, realize how to resolve a conflict, etc… whereas revelation is something that is disclosed, uncovered or revealed – i.e. you didn’t figure this out on your own – you had outside help - - God! …so would it be wrong to think of scripture as being a combination of inspiration and revelation – without a big concern to split hairs on what’s what? Again just thinking out loud here.
  15. Concerning the Bible...

    Bizarre and sad in a way – I wonder if the local leadership even realizes how that would tend to disconnect them from the folks in their fellowship…I remember how excited I was to read through the entire Bible after taking the class - - and would “pester” my Twig coordinator with all these questions I had after reading the Old Testament and especially the Gospels…you know - - a lot of stuff not covered in the class or just skimmed over quickly... I was “encouraged” to keep reviewing the PFAL material…talk about a buzzkill on exploring the Christian faith. I liked what you said in your other post keying off of Don’t Worry’s zeroing in on “inspired”. It got me thinking…A poet or musician watches a beautiful sunset and they are somehow inspired to write something. We don’t say the sunset dictated what they should write. I think it’s the personal unique experience that filled them with the urge to write something – they felt something and had a creative response to it… so to with the biblical authors...instead of experiencing a sunset - - maybe it was a genuine epiphany - - some personal experience with God that drove folks to write about it. I especially get that feeling in reading the epistles of Paul - - his discourses on the law, the conscience, sin, redemption, the supremacy of Christ, etc. I believe they’re full of epiphanies – where Paul had enlightening realizations that enabled him to understand Old Testament theology from a new and deeper perspective.