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The Wierwille Legacy: Who Will Write The Book?

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One man's ceiling is another man's floor tlc. I prefer the upper stories to the sub-basement of pubescent, ad hominem attacks. And YOUR ego was doing what at the time?

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T-Bone    515
16 hours ago, Thomas Loy Bumgarner said:

with recent events of rape/abuse by Harvey Wienstein, Roy Moore, Al Franken, and media apologizing for Bill Clinton, It's time that the media re-examine allegations by Wierwille and Martindale to the public.

Fat chance of TWI’s sexual assaults coming to light by the media - but your post got me thinking about the multiple methods of suppression in TWI.

The abuse of power / sexual harassment have been a part of our culture for a long time. So I can understand the thinking of the victims in not coming forward in times past - being afraid of the backlash or the negative impact to their career, etc.

But besides that - wierwille had several other methods to suppress word getting out about his sexual assaults. Things like “Lockbox” , adulation for the man of god, and even subverting the conscience of victims by saying things like “anything done in the love of god is ok”.

Sorry - didn’t me to get off topic - but thought I should throw my 2 cents in.

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