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Dr. Weirwille Familiar Spirits in the Fog


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No problem or offense taken, dmiller man. We buy things off the shelf, unwrap them, read the instructions and go from there. Usually the goods are good to go as is, some are less than what's advertised and still others, disappointing. Some things are downright destructive especially if used counter to their intent.

When I get to the "things of the spirit" I might wonder how a loving Father could give something bad to a child. Therein is a single strand of reality that efffects our lives, I believe - that we often don't know exactly what we need. (We barely make it through life recognizing to our own satisfaction who we really are, what we should really be doing and where we will ultimately end up)

We do to a degree but not always completely and as in other things, we don't know...what we don't know. So we are faced with a series of moments that are always poised in a balance that will go either way - we think. How would we know, how will we know? How can we?

Followers of religious traditions speak of "faith" as something unseen and therefore unknowable in memory. Without recall we have no context to properly evaluate our present knowledge. If we were explorers setting foot on this terrain for the first time we'd be learning everything fresh and new. "What's this??"...."I don't know - what is it???"

Through the remembrances of others though we have a shared knowledge. In reality my faith is based on fact, somewhere at some time, be it events or the revealed images of the future. So I can in fact understand my faith in things I haven't experienced directly - through the shared knowledge of others. We do that in every realm of our lives. Is it so unusual that we would do that in other things, "spiritual" things? (he asked).

"Trust" is a first step towards enlightenment, a corny word these days but one that we desparately need in our vocabularies more than ever. Jesus said if our eye be filled with light than our whole bodies too! The eyes of understanding being enlightened - understanding is different than knowledge. And in fact Ephesians quotes to us that following understanding a whole range of knowledge will open up to us. Yet, we typically reverse that - that through an abundance of knowledge we will piece together understanding and then we will "walk with all power" and be hmmm, all we can be.

People want to know know know and it seems there's never been a lack of people to teach teach teach, and so it goes. Me-Help books pile high only to be shoved aside to make room for more, the latest and the greatest, the last-one-you'll-ever-need-to-buy books, volume 1. Reserve your copy of vol. 2 now!

Knowledge is necessary but without understanding we only have part of the whole. One first, then the other and out of it all, wisdom, a past, present and future that is coherent. Or something close to coherent at least would be nice.

The power, whatever it is, is always there. It's never the goal. Out of it all comes the open vision of life as it really is and will be.

Simple trust. It's no more complicated than that, that a loving Father will behave and relate to us as He has in the past with others, now with us in our own individual lives.

So I speak in tongues.

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well. I don't think its the hallucinations fault or anything..

it's what you DO with it..


there are a few good reasons why I don't shop at wally mart.

something like the employees one fine evening looking like the unliving dead..


the dream state is useful.. kind of points the way to reality at times.. I think that's what acid did for, or to some people.. and sometimes the dream was terrifying..

so I looked up the Big Corporation. The resulting paper not only documented to me personally, why the employees appeared in the form of da living dead, but it also got an A, and enthusiastic cheering from the professor..


no joke..

and there wasn't a single familiar spirit I had to cite as my source..

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or maybe.. maybe chrissy poo was possessed with da spirit of wienerville, and the fine lady was merely operating da manifestation of discerning of spirits..


laughing or not.. I think any of the above might be a reasonable explanation.

but chrissy possessed with familiar spirits? I don't think so.. he wasn't (isn't) that important to da devil spirit "relm"..

he's just a small player. A small devil.. very, very, small..


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Familia! Mmmmmm! Used to eat that all the time for breakfast.

Started when I was on the WOW field, and kept it up for several years after that.

Don't remember everything that went into it, but with apple juice poured all over it,

it was a tasty breakfast (since we made our own), and didn't skimp on ingredients.

Not sure what happened over the years. I guess I lost my "Familia spirit". ohmy.gifsad.gifwink.gif

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Ah reflection.

The fog years. Fog. Morphing heads. A lot of people scared out of their minds.

This reminds me of a Scooby Doo episode.

"It was the bus driver. He did it with holographic projections."

Bus driver's quote: "And I would of gotten away with it if it wasn't for those meddling kids!!!!"


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In the days of my youth, my curiosity to learn led me thru such areas as comparative religion, psychology, philosophy, the occult and eastern mysticisms. Finally I ended up in TWI, you may draw your conclusions as you desire on that. :biglaugh:;)

Throughout the occult and spiritualist realms, the familiar spirit is an “advanced spiritual soul or being” usually with a fine pedigree of exceptional past lives, who is a companion, guide, teacher and the connection between the physical and spiritual realms for the practitioner of the occult arts.

For many in the ancient magic religions, the familiar spirit usually is visibly seen as an animal; say, the wizards - witches - druids: pet cat, wolf, snake, or raven.

On the other hand, a medium or psychic has a familiar spirit who is a disembodied spirit seen or heard only by the psychic. In a séance the familiar spirit would be the one on the other side of the veil who makes the connection with the dearly departed loved ones and helps them to possess the medium.

As I remember, the witch of Endor was supposed to have conjured up the soul of the Prophet Samuel for King Saul. And it seems I’ve read that Socrates the Greek philosopher had a familiar daemon who was his spiritual advisor.

Being both a twig leader and advanced crass grad at the time, I too was privileged to listen to the Leadership Tapes. As I recall, what The Great Foreski … er, Forehead said was G**r assumed many of V.P.s mannerisms, giving the sense of the presence of the ol’ DocVic. He then went on to name the 14 debbil spurts that that he revelated were in G**r at the time. I don’t recall familiars as one of them or not.

What I did see after that, was hardly a Sunday nite teaching went by without a rant on those who betrayed him and walked away. He nursed that pain and anger til it went Way beyond obsession and dare I say, ….{shudder}… possession!

Aww.. The spirit of Rosylie at work. :who_me:

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