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For the record, I wish I could blame some abusive ministry somewhere for all of my crap. But the truth is I can not.

I took vows with a man I loved and with that came some abusive ministry and I willingly stayed with both cuz I loved the man I'd made some very important vows to.

I don't regret that choice.

Every single piece of shi+ that slammed some stupidity into my life cuz they thought they could, I knew it and did what was necessary, that's all.

Sure I'd love to tell em off way better and God continues to give me shots at clearing some stinky and smelly air from time to time.

This is but a teensy example of what I'd say if..............

But I do not give them power and control over my life; that's mine. And as such, I accept full responsibility for where I was every single day of those ministry years.

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The most valuable thing I learned from The Way International is the order and spelling of the books of the Bible. That's pretty much it.

The most valuable thing I learned about myself due to my experience in The Way International was that I can be fooled. I didn't think I could be, and for that I'm embarrassed, but more humble.

The most valuable thing I learned about people due to my experience in TWI is that very rarely, if ever, does anyone ever do anything for anybody that doesn't personally benefit them (parents and children excepted). That in and of itself is not a bad thing. It becomes evil when someone uses fake benevolence to manipulate someone else to worship at their alter. Being aware of that has kept me out of countless "sticky" situations. I did not have this type of consciousness while in TWI.

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Yeah, I'd like a shot at 'em. Hang on let me reload...........

Bob Moynihan who paraded my husband up as an example of unbelief and unworthyness less than 2 weeks after he died..........Fu ck you

And for then using my family against me, playing us against each other with the foolish belief that we'd never compare notes........ditto

You'll answer for this stuff and I think God will let me watch you take it up the butt with no lube and if God provides you enough mercy as to be allowed lube, I'm taking it when no one is looking.

Martindale who knew my husband was dying while you were on stage doing a SNS teaching and sent a note back saying you knew this would happen 'cuz of his unruly wife...........I can't tell you how tough it's been to watch your life explode before your beedy evil eyes and not celebrate.

The lives stolen, the spirits crushed, the souls burned alive, yup, no lube, no mercy.

Forgiveness, I could give a shi+ but I have to so I do but wooohooooo boy you're still responsible and I look like he!! in blue so I ain't holding any breath as to your attempting to be less evil.

Tom Mu!!ins of Arkansas leadership who told me my eldest daughter was almost ready for you..............you have a daughter, I hope she's safe and no fat slobby pervert leader was fool enough to let that kind of crap fall outa his face to your face. Or I wish she was able to avoid it.

Those of you who ignored my children when I had finally reached a place to have to escape your nastiness, then still refused to see it even when it was spelled out for you............can't tell ya what I'm thinking, it's too ugly.

Bitter, me? Oh indeed. But risen to a better place, yes. Still carry your ugly in my heart, sometimes.

The relationships rotted before my eyes cuz the lies still hold a place in the others' hearts; you're responsible. My oldest daughters addictions that I begged you for help with and you told me she was as worthless as her dead father, God forbid your child ever lives with such pain or you as the parent have to look that bad crap in the eyeballs and get no support while you watch your child die a little each day.

All of this is just as much my responsibility as it is yours and I'll live with that.

But at least I can

I am so sorry for what you endured. One thing they couldn't taint or touch is that you came through it one absolutely amazing and wonderful person!

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It's interesting to hear those who say, "If it weren't for TWI, I'd have committed suicide." I'm sure there are such folks, and Praise God if TWI (or more likely, loving people IN TWI) saved them. I, on the other hand, have four friends who committed suicide. All of them were associated with TWI at one time or another, and TWI was DIRECTLY responsible for one of the suicides. I suspect that wrong teaching from TWI contributed to the other three.

God bless all of you who have had the strength to endure.


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Big one,The damnable Rom 14 what you allow,How many people were hurt over that?Everyone!!

All the women,what a disgrace.And the worst part,"They" must still practice it,certainly they never came clean,even when in the lawsuit rosie admitted to it.

Adultry is wrong according to the bible,period.Trash counless lives so you can hide your practices?Pukes...

By allowing this website to expose this,as well as the women who were abused,and still came forward,I thank you.Won't get fooled again?

Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin.

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Won't get fooled again?

Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin.

You know it Frank...Like the old saying goes, "don't sh *t me, I got a turd in every pocket"...For those who have survived the cult experience called twi...they have become stronger, wiser and have developed very good bull sh *t meters...When mine starts "redlining", I head for the exit door.

Looking back, we should all thank Loy Okie Martindumb...It was his total arrogance, stupidity, and incompetency that led to the demise of twi (as we knew it)...Toto pulled the curtain away and we all saw the man behind the curtain. It was a no brainer...It wasn't just "where's the exit door?"...it was "where's the exit door you son of a bitch?"...and that's the truth!

If I was a younger man, I might just take a flame thrower to that place...

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With apologies to Johnny Cash..........

TWI, you've been livin' hell to me

You've hosted me since nineteen seventy-five

I've seen 'em come and go and I've seen them die

And long ago I stopped askin' why

TWI, I hate every inch of you.

You've cut me and have scarred me thru an' thru.

But I walked out a wiser stronger man;

Mister Martindale why can't you understand.

TWI, what good do you think you do?

Do you think I'll be different when you're through?

You bent peoples' hearts and minds and you warped their soul,

And your BRC walls turn my blood a little cold.

TWI, may you rot and burn in hell.

May your walls fall and may I live to tell.

May all the world forget you ever stood.

And may all the world regret you did no good.

TWI, you've been livin' hell to me.

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Hi Groucho! (And Shellon, and Kit, and other friends old and new.)

The Way was so corrupt on so many levels. The sexual abuse of trusting women by predatory leaders was perhaps the worst of it. But we were all used in so many ways - hoodwinked by a slick sales package and brainwashed by the coordinated peer pressure that was Way culture.

The Way erased our personalities and gave us new ones. It told us how to think, speak and act, applying carrots and sticks to make us conform. It turned us against our parents. It talked us into going WOW instead of going to college. It required us to send rich people an absolute minimum of 10% of our income, no matter how poor we were with the crap jobs we were able to get with our non-educations.

The Way made us dedicate our lives to going out and finding new, innocent people to recruit and brainwash, using the same tactics that worked so well on us. It invaded our privacy, treating grown men and women like children, supervising our finances, our romances, our life decisions. It coerced us to marry or divorce, to have children or have abortions. It told us where to live, how to live and who to live with.

My anger is long gone, let alone my "bitterness," but I'll never fully get over the years that were stolen from me. I hope we can all be "ambassadors" now of a different kind, living examples of the fruits of freedom and implacable enemies of religious predators who seek to control the lives of others.

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Yes, Groucho, my witty old pal: You say goodbye, I say hello. I enjoyed this place for a long time, but I got to the point where I couldn't keep up - and where everything I was posting was starting to sound the same. But I assumed it would always be here, and was a bit shocked to learn that it was closing. I guess we'll all meet in GreaseSpot Heaven someday. There is a GreaseSpot Heaven, right?

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(not trying to make this about me, just my experinece)

wierwille really took advantage of me and hurt me very badly

the way corps program damaged me for a long time -- it broke me in some way

i also met so many wonderful great unbelievably lovely people there

i also had deep experiences with god and christ

which is true to this day

i'm glad they were there with me when i knew it and especially when i didn't

no thanks to wierwille or the way

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Yah, they say you can't take it with you, but I heard werewolf had an asbestos lined coffin


You have a point SoCrates...afterall, Howard Allen built his coffin...besides lining it with asbestos, he probably threw in a bottle of drambuie, a pack of Kools and a young teenage girl bound and gagged...

...and I'm sure he chuckled when he nailed the lid shut.

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