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That's going to be difficult, for a specific reason, and I shall explain why,.


A) Can I get it from twi?   NO. They're trying to erase any vestiges of lcm''s memory. His VANITY PROJECT was probably first on the list of things to go.  So, they don't have it.


B) Can I get it from ex-twi?  Well, that raises the question- Who would have it?

The majority of ex-wayfers who would hang onto something, get digital copies of something, copy something, and so on, are nostalgics.  twi nostalgics froze their memory of twi. They only remember the good times, and those good times are almost all of the 70s and NEVER include negative memories of vpw- and in fact bleach those out when they intrude.  The Mayberry they constructed is an idyllic version of twi in the 70s where nothing was wrong and so nothing was vpw's fault.   They're hanging onto that until death, and some are indoctrinating their kids in the same thing (a few of them, at least.)

Those people know things blew up in the 80s. They erase all the  crimes of vpw that came to light then. The troubles of the 80s are entirely blamed on lcm.  If not for lcm, and if vpw had lived another decade, their 80s would have continued just as fabulous as their 70s (at least in their imaginations.)  So, it's all lcm's fault.

Would THOSE people immortalize anything loy did?  Obviously not.


The ones who got on with their lives generally dumped their twi stuff across the decades.


That doesn't mean it's impossible, but I don't think you're going to find a copy.   Few would have a motive to make or keep one.

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A good analysis WordWolf. I for one was one of those that dumped twi stuff and encouraged friends and family to do the same. But now  I'd really like to find a copy somewhere out there. I'm hoping that either:

A) there's an archivist-true-at-heart that had the foresight to store and catalog all material for scholarly pursuit at a later date (just to be clear, by scholarly I mean the study of cults generally not religious study of the faithful)


B) someone never got around to offloading everything despite their best intentions and there's still a tape buried in a storage locker that they wouldn't mind digging up and mailing my way for $100.

Does anybody know of any effort to collect LCM material in opposition to TWI's attempts to erase that history?


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Ah yes, Twinky, the ash heap of history. I think thats where mine landed too. Lots of folks buying TWI stuff up on Ebay at the time, but seemed like they might be using it for nefarious purposes so I think virtually everything went into the wood stove or the trash. Had no idea I'd ever want to see any of it again, but here I am.


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18 minutes ago, Junior Corps Surviver said:

Did it even exist on VHS? I have a beta copy but am not parting with it. God told me Beta is the way to go ;) 

It DEFINITELY existed in VHS.  My family NEVER went Beta, so it wasn't until twi gave up and began releasing VHS videos (probably late 1987 or early 1988)  that I got any VIDEOS from twi.  I didn't get much- WC's "Fundamentals of Biblical Research" I had as audiocassettes and as VHS, and I had AOS.  Both of them used the labels from the Beta versions-  the AOS VHS case contained a label that was too small to fit normally.   But I am 100% sure I OWNED the VHS version once, and even played it at home for non-twi people at least once.


EDIT-  If you look at Nova3200's photo, you'll see what I mean, a VHS case with a Beta label that doesn't fit like most VHS labels did.

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