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Watch at 6:66 mark of the best part of this video where oblate missionary of very inaccurate whoa Neillie also says that the tutti fruity that st Eve gave tuit Adam in the Garden of Eatin' was a pear too, but not the whole fruit, nothing but the fruit, just a wedgie which is the fruit shape of the earth, a slice of paradise on earth, where God grew a pair of the first humans, who appearently flocked everything up for everyone else creating unpearable burdens spinning the world out of control like Neillie says earth is spinning like pizza dough getting flatter flat earth but oh Neillie pear pizza? lions and tigers and pears oh my and bunnies bug Neillie the wizard of odd-s haped planets lol mooney tunes looney tunes Never A Straight Answer says earth is a sphere but they forgot to tell Neillie who says the earth is not a sphere but fat like a chubby pear, so No Actual Space Astronots and Neillie not on the same page, not even on the same planet lol, beam me up Scotty no intelligent life in this pair of looneys NASA and Neillie, would be funnier if it wasn't so seriously ridiculous lol

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