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Who was Victor Paul Wierwille?


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If someone who was new to twi/had been invited and was thinking of

attending a meeting,

or someone who was trying to figure out what the organization is all about,

asked you to explain victor paul wierwille,

what would you want to make sure they knew about him?

What was his youth like, his pre-ministry days?

What about his time from college-Vesper Chimes?

All the stuff after that?

What would be relevant if someone was writing a biography on him,

or a "true stories", or whatever?

Let's say you were asked to write a biographical sketch of the man so that

others-who'd never heard of him-could understand him in one read.

What would you write?

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As far as what *I* personally think about him ...

I understand that he and Mrs snuck off to get married while they were supposed to be in college....didn`t tell anyone for a year.

That doesn`t seem very honest or forthright to their parents.

I talked to someone in chat one night who`s Mom had gone to school with him, and said that old vick was a real hell raiser back then.

According to locals, he was kicked outta his church for fooling around with his secretary.

He took his family and left his infant behind for a mission trip to India...I don`t think that says much for him as a parent.

His wife was reported by one greasespotter as saying immediatly after his funeral that *he was a mean, mean man*.

Add the allegations of sexual misconduct, his alcohol abuse, his notorious tempertantrums, his lack of judgement in chosing his successor...

I guess that I just don`t think very highly of him.....a wolf in sheep`s clothing comes to mind.

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I agree with dmiller...where would you start? Let's see...

Victor Paul Wierwille was a self serving sexual predator who, after stealing the writings of numerous Christian authors and claiming to have written them himself, began several indoctrination programs in order to establish a large cash flow operation that would not only make him rich...but also bring the adoration of all those young people that he indoctrinated into believing that he was a "great man of God". In reality he was a cult leader whose "biblical research" was considered sophmoric at best by most biblical scholars. He was extremely dishonest as he continually fed lies concerning himself to his glassy eyed followers. He died a broken man, of a disease that he had earlier claimed was caused by "demonic possesion". His "lifetime biblical work" was buried with him by his own hand chosen successor.

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Second James...To clarify, Veepee did have a glass eye (caused by the cancer that eventually killed him). Oftentimes, his followers are referred to as being "glassy eyed" as a reference to their failure to think clearly for themselves. I often think of a movie I once saw about a Voodoo witch doctor who had placed several people under his "spell"...they had glassy eyes as they mindlessly followed the orders given to them. Far from the truth?...I'm not so sure.

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There is that book that Mrs. W. had done.

It covers 1916-1961.

Has some interesting stuff in it.

I'm not much into beating on the guy anymore. It's a shame that things went the way they did.

Some may still need to unload though-I understand.

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Originally posted by rascal:

I`d say that the only way to determine who/what vpw really was is to examine and do a *fruit* comparison to determine whether he was a man of the spirit or a man of the flesh.

As far as the fruit comparison goes, VPW always said, "you can't compare apples to oranges". So I think he was:

* an apple crisp

* a sour apple

* one bad apple spoils the whole bunch

* rotten to the core

* a winesap turned dramboui drunk

* the ladies were the apple of his eye

* surrounded himself with apple polishers

* thought he was upper crust

* we all should have eaten an apple a day to keep the doctor away

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what would you want to make sure they knew about him?
the main thing i would tell them is i went to him for counseling (at 18 yrs) about having been sexually abused as a girl. he told me God's will was for me to get healed by having sex with him

there's more but that's the gist

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There are many of us here who finally "figured it out"...concerning the cornfield preacher, but then there are others...like excathedra, who have very real, first hand experiences of his abusive treatment of people. It's because of their courage to share some very ugly things that happened to them, that others can understand...and can avoid the same pitfalls.

CM...I don't "need" to beat up on the guy anymore either. Hell, I left twi 18 years ago fairly unscathed. The reason that I pile it on old Vic, is because, not only does he deserve it...but so that others might wake up. Twi is still a "going concern" and there are still a lot of folks who are being "taken for a ride". Wierwille was the "founder" of this insideous little spermsickle cult and then came loy boy, the defrocked "minister"...and of course, now they have Rozilla the rug muncher. It all ties together and when the entire picture is looked at...Well, let's just say that the Grease Spot Cafe has been a tremendous asset, in regards to the "enlightment" of folks who would have otherwise, been stumbling around in wayworld, and as Socks recently said "sucking bugs off logs and calling it steak"...

Maybe if twi were to forever dissolve, I might ease up a bit on them...maybe.

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Go for it Groucho-I got no problem with you saying what you said. I'm just done with it. If someone was to ask me about him in person then I would have some things to say. I just thought that I could make a point that you can be done with it.

ok? speak on...

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CM...I don't criticize the position you take. I understand it completely. After awhile, it seems like beating a dead horse...but nevertheless, it's a dead horse that I am not finished beating. icon_cool.gif I hope you didn't take my zeal as an afront to you personally...What triggered my response was thinking about what twi has done and continues to do to people...I have no problem with you at all, my friend.

I suppose my attitude is a bit like the Bob Dylan lyrics from "Masters of War"..."...and I'll stand on your grave till I'm sure that you're dead." Sometimes you just have to twist the stake after you drive it into the vampires heart.

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If it weren't for Dr. Wierwille I wouldn't be chatting with lovely folks on Greasespot Cafe.

If it weren't for the person that shot out the window in my car I would never have met the nice folks at the glass shop either.

Guess I do not understand your post. It appears you are thankful for VPW screwing people over so you can meet them at GSC? I am not thankful to the jerks who shot my window out for bringing the glass shop folks and me together.

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