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Abigail and Sushi are ecstatic to announce the legalization of their relationship of five years.

At approximately 10:00 am, the morning of Friday the thirteenth (they aren‘t superstitious), they had the ceremony performed by a judge (who did NOT appear to be sober) at the courthouse. Tears of joy were shed by many, as no one in their right mind thought this was ever going to happen.

Following the ceremony, all in the bridal and groomal party were treated to a sumptuous meal at Max & Erma’s. Damage to the restaurant was minimal, as all children in attendance were heavily medicated and their dogs were not allowed in. However, the adults were safely wired on Starbucks coffee.

Unfortunately, Sushi’s friend of 25 years, (yes, he does have one or two) Dirtbag, could not be in attendance. Sushi and Abi intend to visit some time in the near future to introduce them.

The rest of the day was spent with much merry making and general conviviality. The police did not have to be called to the scene. This was considered, by most, to be a good thing.

We both thank all of you for being there when we needed you and hope we have done the same for you. We would like to especially thank Paw for making our meeting possible, and no doubt will be sending the legal bills to him, once we can’t stand each other any more. :biglaugh:

Cash (but only in chunks of five hundred thousand dollars, unmarked) may sent to…………………

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Sushi and Abigail, congratulations!!!! I am so happy for the two of you. May the rest of your days together be filled with love, joy, caring, thoughtfulness, giving, forgiving, and beautiful memories!!!! :dance:

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This is the most wonderful news!! :eusa_clap::jump:

Well big guy you finally did it- and I am very happy for you both, but especially for you Sushi- I would wonder if Abi was intoxicated when she agreed if not that you have been together for lo these many years. :wink2::beer:

I wish you both all the love and happiness that you can stand and a long life to enjoy each other!!

Love, Hope :)

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Congrats you two and Happy Starbucks to you!! I'm so happy for you and hope that we will have such a memorable wedding day as y'all. Will you be posting any pics of your day?

So, since tonight is Friday night what do you have planned? :knuddel: or :drink:

One more question, what are you doing here on your wedding day??? :nono5:

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Sushi And Abigail;

Well by golly that is wonderful news.Have a happy loved filled life together

Loved your account about the wedding it's a hoot. Hope that doesn't give moony any ideas about our upcoming event. She might want to get hitched at Starbucks

Say what is it about gs is this cafe turning into a lonely hearts club...well it sure has for me cause I ain't lonely no more :cryhug_1

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Congratulations Abi and Sushi ...........................

This is a wonderful wonderful day for you and us and everyone ...............

Bless you ................ Love you .................... You guys are great .......................



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I'm in shock!

O.K. I'm sooooooooooo happy for you!

Gosh, first he figures out how to be a great parent, now he'll have to send away for a course on being a good husband too ;)

Love to both of you - - - VERY glad to celebrate this day with you.

See ya in chat tonight!

What? you need a honeymoon or somethin?



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