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The Ubiquitously Hidden Teaching of VPW


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The Ubiquitously Hidden Teaching of VPW

Table of Contents - Ubiquity Review

This is a work in progress.

I?ll attempt to get it up to date, and then keep it up to date.

Suggestions welcome.


page 1

Table of contents


Specially reserved words in Dr?s vocabulary.


Page 2 ? some foundational background

BTMS pages 23-25 - a fundamental, early, and explicit teaching on the dichotomy

GMWD page 14 - hidden spiritual meanings coexistent with 5- senses meanings

RHST page 27 - Bible in 5-senses realm

KJV list of verses



Page 3 ? JC Quota Booster

Confused Paul worship

Paul worship compared to VPW worship

Some odd types of ?mistakes?

OLG acronym coined.

OMSW p.207-222 - Major Myth Busted - VPW expounds on Lordship of Jesus Christ

Our Relationship with Christ vs. the Absent Christ



Page 4

Knowing Christ - the PFAL record that slipped by us.

BTMS p.109 - ?Jesus enters into our hearts?

JCNG p. 8-9 - Dr?s testimonial to Jesus Christ influence in his life

Knowing Christ spiritually vs. spiritual 5-senses knowing



Page 5

Dr?s last teaching at Emporia = master PFAL

Balaam?s prophecy



Page 6

Pawtucket?s Principle

?Christ Formed In You? - complete SNS edited transcript

Our relationship with Christ

AC-1 on becoming the Word

Forming Christ within.



Page 7

Philippians 4:5-8 - if there be any virtue... think on these things.



Page 8

Some POP comments and quotes

Some neuroscience on forgetting



Page 9

Back to relationships with JC

The physically absent Christ

The spiritually present Christ



Page 10

OMSW p.26 - using a microscope to examine God?s Word vs. man?s works.

Some plagiarism discussion



Page 11

More plagiarism discussion

Big build up starts for ?The Love Way?



Page 12

Deeper into Natural/Spiritual dichotomy

More buildup for ?The Love way?

A self like Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ like

A love self,

A Jesus Christ self

Jesus Christ men and women

?The Love Way? Parts I & II are posted

Jesus Christ learning revelation manifestations

?Close Counterfeits? discussed



Page 13

?The Love Way? Part III posted

Connections between ?Love Way? and ?Christ Formed? discussed



Page 14

lots o debate



Page 15

lots o debate



Page 16

lots o debate



Page 20

Review of thread

Mention of two tangential threads with Ubiquity data:

?promises never fulfilled? and ?The Other Six Manifestations...?



Page 1 - bumbyrama?s thread titled: ?promises never fulfilled?

Knowing Jesus Christ



Page 2 - bumbyrama?s thread titled: ?promises never fulfilled?

Set of stories from a lady who went to High School with Dr.

Big Three - Summary Teachings of Dr?s

We are to BECOME the Word.

First hour of Advanced Class ?79 on ?Becoming the Word?

The ?tattered remnants? of God?s Word in the stars.



Page 3 - bumbyrama?s thread titled: ?promises never fulfilled?

The ?other six? manifestations

Leads to the next thread



Page 1 - Schwaigers thread titled: ?The Other Six Manifestations...?

Very detailed discussion of manifestations



Page 2 - Schwaigers thread titled: ?The Other Six Manifestations...?

The ?Marble Cake? model the ministry

The ?Many Villains? model of the meltdown



Page 3 - Schwaigers thread titled: ?The Other Six Manifestations...?

Jesus in the desert learning

Jesus Christ?s PRESENT ministry

JC Quotas

The ?Saving Private Ryan? method of forgiveness



Page 4 - Schwaigers thread titled: ?The Other Six Manifestations...?

SIT fluency



Prior to this Ubiquitous thread were several large collections of data and discussion. Some of them are these:


Innies and Outies: all men are liars



Dr's Last Teaching - LOST for 17 Years!



News Flash! LCM Never Installed Spiritual Leader of The Way!



News Flash For Older Grads! VPW Tried To Warn Us of the Coming Harshness of TWI-2!



Why Does A Mirror Reverse Left and Right But Not Up and Down?




Actual Errors in PFAL

http://www.gscafe.com/groupee/forums?q=Y&a...=2726097291&p=1 (long URL)


Larry P2?s

Should Mike stop posting his drivel on GS?



Wayfer Not!?s

Why Entertain Lovers of PFAL



The Ubiquitously Hidden Teaching of VPW - Introduction

Most of what I've been trying to do here at GSC is report new data, things I?ve found in the record that I?ve perceived to be hidden from sight, or not present in our collective memory, or not part of the common discussions between us older grads of PFAL.

This is not data newly thunk up by me, but things I?ve found that I perceive to be absent in the overall discussion of what happened to us in The Way. This data is absent or hidden for several different reasons and by several different methods.

Sometimes it?s data hidden by the adversary and his many various methods, including memory fading and emotional assault. Sometimes it?s data purposely hidden by Dr under God?s guidance, and intended to be found at a later date.

This Ubiquitously Hidden Teaching of Dr?s is of a different nature. This ?hidden? teaching is odd in that it is everywhere present, in ALL of his teachings... just about. Sometimes it?s right out in front, on center stage in a teaching, and in other teachings it?s well hidden and merely implied. This Ubiquitously Hidden Teaching shows up within many, many SNS tapes, book chapters, and magazine articles in differing degrees of complexity and amplitude, kind of like a sub-teaching. A few times it was the teaching of title.

One of the ways this Ubiquitously Hidden Teaching can be thought of is as something great that was ?right under our noses? and overlooked as trivial. It was so commonplace we ?looked right through it.?

This Ubiquitously Hidden Teaching of Dr?s is his whole style of handling the dichotomy of realms: the Natural/Factual Realm versus the Spiritual/True Realm. It?s the human vs. divine or the flesh vs. spirit deal.

I used to think Dr's constant references to this natural-spiritual dichotomy was just show business or religious hype. When Dr would throw around phrases that something was spiritual, I would think it was in the category of window dressing, or flowery phrases that make things look nice. I thought he was basically saying nothing of substance, but appealing to the cultural knee jerk reflexes religious buzz words can stimulate. It seemed to be more in the emotional category than the intellectual. I thought his usage of words like ?spiritual? were often worth ignoring. I DID ignore many of them for years.

Then, in 1998 (same time Dr?s Last/Lost Teaching was shown to me) I was finally alerted to this as a MAJOR underlying theme in all of Dr's teachings. As I came back to PFAL and started reading, I began to see this to be the case. I began to see that there were vast areas of Dr's teachings that I had zero handle on. I had ignored and even avoided the most important parts of many of his teachings.

This was a very humbling experience. It could have been devastatingly humiliating, had it not been the case that a plethora of good news was also a fundamental part of the data package I stumbled onto in 1998.

This gave me a strong motivation to look more and more into the PFAL books, this time with the Ubiquitously Hidden Teaching finally out in the open. As I did this I became even more convinced that I had never really finished receiving ?The Class.? I had taken the class many times, but I hadn?t received it, not all of it. I have since observed this in all other grads, no exceptions.

I?ve only slightly brought these things out in previous posts. I?ve hinted and abbreviated on this theme before, but now I?m ready to present more of the bulk of what I?ve found in the record. As this Ubiquitously Hidden Teaching of Dr?s becomes better understood, then older posts where I wanted to bring it up, or tried to bring it up, may be revisited.

I have many more notes to draw upon in presenting the foundation of this thread, but I thought I?d post this introduction now, just to get the ball rolling and to get some feedback as well.

[This message was edited by Mike on July 04, 2003 at 18:27.]

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Did you say "get the ball rolling" or get the kaballa rolling...for it sounds like that's your current freak - some sort of hidden, mystical kaballa-esque gnostic esotericism.

I'm fascinated with you...you either truly believe this stuff (which is disturbing) or your ability to carry on this ruse borders on evil genius.

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Let's see..

A) secret messages hidden because of the


B) secret messages hidden intentionally by

God/vpw (as Mike sees it, interchangeable)


These secret messages are mainly about the

natural/spiritual realm distinctions.

Mike, this may come as a shock to you, but there

are quite a few specialists in this field.

If I forgot half of what I learned in the field,

I'm confident I would STILL know it better than

you, which makes me less enthused about seeing

you dig out a "hidden" message on it.

That's neither a boast, nor idle. Further,

there are Christians on the GSC who know more

on the subject than I do, and LOTS of Christians

who never heard of the farm or vpw who are

well-versed in the subject.

Actually, while you've been rereading vpw's

books, we HAVE discussed this. You'll have a

pretty lean harvest from this search, Mike.

Compared to some places, twi was pretty

lightweight on this subject. That's because

vpw didn't have any good source-material to

photocopy from.

So, I suppose, looking for details on this

subject, one MUST "pad" it with hidden messages,

backwards records, and other cabalistic methods.

Frankly, even WITH the photocopying vpw did,

I STILL don't think he had more than a moderate

understanding of the subject. (I've been

better, and I've SEEN better than I've BEEN.)


Mike, you might wish to retain the option of

reassessing your position. Vickles, whoever

he or she is, just walked in and seems to have

made a full appraisal of you. Those of us who

have been around have a more detailed

conclusion. (I say this without rancor.)


CLFOBS Ministries. Join NOW!

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Thanks, I think. I don't know how to take that. Was that a complement or was that a put down in my direction? If it wasn't a put down please accept my apology. I just wanted to clarify.

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How do you "see" things in the word or in VPW's teachings that no one else sees?

You just might be

a) out of fellowship.

b) drunk or high.

c) sinning like a trooper, but have not confessed it and repented.

d) seduced, deceived, and/or beguiled by satan.

e) all of the above.

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I used to think Dr's constant references to this natural-spiritual dichotomy was just show business or religious hype .... I thought he was basically saying nothing of substance .... I thought his usage of words like ?spiritual? were often worth ignoring.

In other words, Mike's first impression was that Mr. Weirwille was a preening, mind-numbingly tedious, shockingly-superficial, blowhard wind-bag of sh!t.

Mike, how many times do you need to be told that your first impression was obviously correct?

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Now, now folks. Smikeol is just feeling left out and lonely, what with us all talking about the war and other, more significant matters of life outside of the pervue of the 'god breathedness' of PFAL.

Mike! Get a job man. The economy *is* improving, really it is!


Prophet Emeritus of THE,

and Wandering CyberUU Hippie,

Garth P.


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Sometimes it?s data hidden by the adversary and his many various methods, including memory fading and emotional assault. Sometimes it?s data purposely hidden by Dr under God?s guidance, and intended to be found at a later date.

The title of this thread should have been: The subliminal messages in PFAL

Some people get a kick out of playing their records backwards. (The Beatles song, Number Nine says, Turn me on dead man, and from: Another One Bites the Dust, it says, Decide to smoke marijuana. More interesting ones are found in Led Zepplin's "Stairway to Heaven.")

"Hidden Messages" isn't anything new. Aleister Crowley was the one who came up with it originally, and it's been reported he was one of the most evil people who ever lived. Crowley journied into strange regions of consciousness: his initiation into magichis world-wide travels and mistresses, his experiments with sex and drugs, and the philosophy of his famous Book of the Law.

I'm begining to believe it was Mr. Crowley's message that got through to Mike rather than the message of PFAL. It's also pretty amazing to note how VPW had many of the same personal habits Mr. Crowley did.

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Mike you should do what we were taught as WOW's when no one would believe the word; shake the dust off our feet. We moved on hoping to find someone who would listen to us.

There must be a mall you can witness in, a student union building at your local college, coworkers you can talk to, and if all else fails, door-to-door. Unless you can find a hidden message in what VPW taught WOW's about witnessing , he said to witness twice and then move on.

You can take comfort in knowing it will better for Sodom and Gomorrah at the judgment than for us at the Greasespot Cafe.

Don't allow resentment and bitterness to hinder healing.

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Vickles, let me rephrase my point with an

analogy I think we can all relate to.

You walked into the room while the tv show was

1/2-way over, and had caught up on the plot

within 30 seconds. This means, partly, you're

sharp, but largely, that the tv show wasn't that

hard to understand.

(My point being that new arrivals who haven't had

time to dislike Mike yet find him transparent-

he might want to consider that everybody else

might be right, after all...)


I think part of me comes to these threads the

same way some people spectate a car crash.

CLFOBS Ministries. Join NOW!

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Sometimes it?s data hidden by the adversary and his many various methods, including memory fading and emotional assault. Sometimes it?s data purposely hidden by Dr under God?s guidance, and intended to be found at a later date

But then again, maybe Mr. Weirwille was just lying? That seems to be the simplest and most accurate answer to this imagined connundrum. Mr. Weirwille in his old age, simply forgot where and when and how he had lied previously and due to lapses in memory manufactured new lies that glaringly contradicted the old ones.

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This was a very humbling experience. It could have been devastatingly humiliating, had it not been the case that a plethora of good news was also a fundamental part of the data package I stumbled onto in 1998.

Some freindly advice to Mike: I suggest you not embellish this 1998 Revelation with a snowstorm legend, since everybody knows that you live in San Diego.

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thanks, wordwolf for clarifying it for me. I've decided to either not read his posts anymore or skim through it lightly. It is more entertaining to read the comments afterwards. I don't think mike gets it when he thinks he is all right and everyone else is all wrong. There is no black and white. Hidden messages in vpw's work? ha Give me a break. There must be electrodes going in his brain. I would be more sympathetic and/empathetic if he would be at least a little bit meek and willing to say that we all are equal and maybe we know stuff from the Word. I had enough mastering of the PFAL for 14 years. And who is to say who has mastered enough and who is to say they are the master? What is it in the Word that talks about pride and falling?

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The class was a snore. Content issues

aside it could have easily been edited down

to a presentation of perhaps 7 sessions

maybe even less. But then we would have

been deprived of all the wonderful jokes

and anectodes that we all had to pretend

were funny.

As I recall there was one

session of PFAL (not counting Session 12)

that was shorter than the others which used

to mean that people got out earlier. But

then some leaders got wise to that and

started finding ways to fill up that time

-keeping you there.

Even in 75 the video look very dated to me -

it lacked currency and was not appealing

to me from a visual standpoint at all. I preferred the audio only setup - at least you

could look around and people wouldn't "reprove"

you for not looking at the TV screen.

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It can look like some are beating up Mike for his valid thoughts on pfal.

My point is this is an EX_WAY SITE , why does mike need to post his love of vpw here????

that is fishy in and of itself..

many sites are devoted to his type of mind set on the positve stuff from twi... Mike prefers to agtagonize the folks who go to an EX_WAY SITE!!!

I think Mike doesnt not seek an off shoot or another site that supports pfal, because it is a game he is playing.. mind games to hurt those trying to get twi out of their life..

I feel no pity for this man I believe he has an agenda and it is a cruel and stupid one...

it wont work Mike .

people are not going to buy your crap at all, and do not play victim here , this is a ex-way site , the fact you no longer attend twi is because you thought the leaders were wrong and not mastering pfal enough for you.....

so now you call them back to master it and fix the wrongs!!

Mike NO!

Why do you post on an EX_ way site????

Why is it your not accpeted among those who value your ideals???

O and to all the bleeding hearts who say poor mike is being abused I say the same questions?

He is here to hurt those trying to move out of a group that controled and damaged many .

I tell you GS'ers some got hurt more than others , and Mike may be the top of the cake on damage done and is now showing his anger and revenge.

It does not make sense to a sane mind but to one who has a need to lash out and hurt others when they can not cope with messing up their life and looking at the damage done by twi this is what happens...

It is all about you now MIKE, and your own relationship with God, stop trying to take the focus off the LORD JESUS CHRIST and putiing it on pfal. pfal isnt God.

maybe just maybe you do not know who God is...

or what being spiritual means for your life.. that is the struggle for many at gs...

The difference is many are past thinking pfal will save them anymore .

Jesus Christ MIKE is the saviour and all these subliminal teachings will not ever give you a realtionship with HIM.

You think your a hero.. I think your a very sick person who wants to hurt those you feel are responsible for hurting and destroying your life.

Your life was twi... we are nearest people you can get to attack. Instead of listening or trying to think of a new idea without twi... you continue to play games and try to make others think they are not LOVED BY GOD WELL ENOUGH to know some secret teaching, some knowledge, some power without your information....


I do not need you, or your data to know who Jesus Christ is or to have a relationship with God.

You have zero answers, if you truly believe your right then why not sell to those still clinging to the pfal teachings as God breathed???

they do not want to hear your crap either huh MIKE????

you in this to hurt others and to make them pay for your inability to cope with the downfall of twi.

I do not care who says I am being mean to MIKE, why is Mike posting on an ex-way site anyway??

to promote pfal.. Does that make sense to you??

he wants to play a game.

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