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GreaseSpot Fundraiser 2021


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Dear GSC users:

Once again, we are asking for your help.

You know why you come to GSC. To explore the past, to process the present, to share news that might not otherwise get disseminated. Through your content contributions (ie, your posts, memories and reflections), you have made GSC the go-to resource for "the other side of the story" on The Way International.

For the first time in three years, we are asking you to help the site's founder, Pawtucket, meet some of the expenses of maintaining the page, an expense that comes to roughly $1,200 a year.

Honestly, it should be an annual pledge drive, but the truth is we feel squeamish asking for money and we haven't done this since 2018. We're not a church. We're not pushing a set of beliefs and won't kick you out for simply disagreeing with a popular post or person. We don't have mugs or t-shirts. All we have is an open forum in which we are all welcome to exchange thoughts and ideas.

In other words, we have what TWI could never give us (what CES tried and failed to give us): A VOICE with permission to speak freely.

The cost of keeping this resource available to every current and former member of TWI should not fall on one person.

If 25 people donate $50 each, we will meet our expenses for a whole year. If you can give more, please do. Less will also be appreciated (we'll just have to count on more of you).

The donate button is on the upper left of every page. Let's make it easy. 

I'll start us off with a $100 donation. Who will join me?

Click here to donate.

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Halfway to our goal. A little over, actually.

Folks, no one says you have to announce your gift, or how much it is. Paw will be the only one who knows, and he will be the one to thank you.

If you want to send $1.50 and a nasty note, we'll take both. We won't shame you for a small donation. Heck, we won't shame you for NO donation.

Most of all, we promise not to spit in your direction no matter how little or how much you give.

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We hit a wall after getting halfway to our goal.

I do urge you to consider joining us in sharing the expense of keeping this resource open and available. 

I assure you none of the moderators gets a dime of this.

To those who gave, thank you. To those who can't, thank you. To those who cam, please find the time and willingness to help.

Thank you all.

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I was gonna pull the "Ahem, it's Tuesday" card, but declined.

Friends, thank you for your generosity.

Still hoping we get a bit closer to our goal, but no pressure.

You bunch of...

I didn't say that! Thank you!


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Just saw this so I am late to the party again. I tend to check just certain sections and don't often venture into open.   I will donate tomorrow as I am in bed and wallet is downstairs. Mods feel free to send me a reminder as this older brain forgets stuff  a lot! Thanks to everyone who keeps the coffee, Danish, discussions and lights on here at the cafe. 

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Just a reminder, we are still hoping for a few more donations to help Paw out for this year. Every little bit helps, and he is very grateful for those who have already donated.

If you haven’t yet, thank you for considering either a one time donation or perhaps a smaller monthly or bi-monthly one if that works better for you. Or just now and then even! He needs to keep the coffee and cinnamon buns warm all yeaR


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Hey folks.

We never quite reached our goal last year. I just put in another $100, and though we're not in "official" fundraising campaign time, I still hope we can string a few more donations together to help Pawtucket out.

Or not. Your call.


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It is 2023 now. GSC could really use some donations again. It is a new year, and there are new monthly bills to pay.  Thank you for using the “Donate” button (at the top of each forum) throughout the year, especially now.

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