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  1. Ah but they are important. I checked out their Facebook pages out of morbid curiosity. Postings of the wonderful life they are living, successful careers, without merely a thought to any of the damage they have done to so many of God's people. I finally got over my interlude with them.
  2. I wasn't able to make a copy of my research paper because I didn't have money to use the copier. Skinflints - can't even use the copier without paying.
  3. We were to Burn the Chaff - get rid of any identity regarding our families, our interests, talents, individuality. Yet, the Wierwilles were all about Weirwille Weirwille.
  4. One of the life lines was "Life in the Fast Lane". Hmmmm really original, where have we heard that. Maybe they figured since we didn't listen to that evil natural music we wouldn't know.
  5. I believe you can operate some of the nine some of the time.
  6. I remember Walter Cummins telling that potato one.
  7. If VP had true revelation, he would have never picked Craig.
  8. We didn't have a gun to our heads but I do remember the teaching in WOW training about "vowing a vow" so we were trained to believe that we were breaking a promise to God if we left the WOW field and thus bad things would happen to us. A mental cage.
  9. The Simpsons did a parody of it too.
  10. I used to sign up for the Water Table to help me lose weight. Then I would regret it, so I would volunteer to serve at the line, and then take my meal when serving was over, to avoid getting caught "breaking my commitment." I got a real long lecture from one of my Corps sisters because I ate extra salad while I was on "Mrs Wierwille's Diet" (that we could no longer call it)
  11. Remember the plurality plate? Dump the food you don't want on the plate for somebody else who did. When we had liver, the plate was full.
  12. I remember how we would mark the butter with a knife to divide it up into even pieces.
  13. I joked about the motorcycle because when I was in res we actually gave him one. We were all forced to "donate" from our measly $20 per month allowance.
  14. It was a joke.
  15. I live in a van down by the river!