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  1. Cat Woman

    When my husband and I were engaged, he, not having been in TWI for long, saw Loy dancing around on a big screen at a branch meeting. He was perturbed that the president was dancing. I just thought he was "too young in the word" to understand.
  2. Unraveling the Cult Indoctrination

    It's really too bad it took her so long to get it. And what did they think would happen with that letter? Didn't they notice what happened to other people who questioned the status quo? I don't condemn her, I just feel bad for her.
  3. Hardship and Burdens

    As for the three weeks off- If you had to quit your job to go to Corps Week and The Rock, how were you supposed to get another job when you went home that gave you three weeks off? And then you'd have to quit THAT job the next year if they didn't give you 3 weeks and be right back in the same situation. And that would just make it harder and harder every year because your job history sucked after never spending a decent amount of time at a job as a loyal employee. People at the top and at HQ had no clue and they were the ones telling us what to do!
  4. Evidence: Letters VPW wrote to the Way Corps

    I remember one of his letters said "As for the do-nothing Way Corps, I guess God was just wasting his time". Talk about a guilt trip!
  5. AOS: Somebody Please MSTie This

    LCM said "Staying Alive" was stolen from an earlier (minor) AOS production at a ROA. He said he was taking it back to make the larger production of AOS.
  6. The Wierwille Legacy: Who Will Write The Book?

    Oh but don't you know that yelling at someone shows how much you love them? After all, spiritual anger is reserved for those in leadership who only want to help those below them to see how Off the Word they are. Therefore, we should be thankful to be yelled at because we don't know for ourselves if we're walking with God or not. Thank you thank you for yelling at me. (sarcasm)
  7. The Remnant

    Don't confuse me with the truth.
  8. Leah Remini/ Scientology and similarity to TWI

    Yay!! Love that series!
  9. New DTA Class!!!

    DTA is necessary for TWI because it so special as God's True Household that the Devil is after them more than anyone.
  10. Christian Family and Sex

    I don't remember the dog video. Either I was fortunate enough to miss it or I've repressed the memory.
  11. It was either Don or George Jess that taught one Sunday evening in Kenyon Hall. 2/3 of the 6th and 8th Corps fell fast asleep. G Wrenn punished us all in the ensuing days by making us get up at 4:30 to exercise and then work our asses off and then run run run. Great way to deal with people who fell asleep - wear them out so they're even more tired.! Your comment about Don's teaching being boring brought that back to me. Help!!! I've been TRIGGERED!!! It seems so bizarre to me now that I was ever in such a thing.
  12. Dishing it out

    That would bring on more people.
  13. Leah Remini/ Scientology and similarity to TWI

    OK, watched another episode last night. Saw so many parallels: L Ron Hubbard = VPW (both creepy old guys) David Miscavige (the successor) = LCM (the successor) Sea Org = Way Corps Clear the Planet = Word Over the World "We are Special, the only ones who can save the world." = "We alone know the true rightly divided word." Billion Year Contract = Way Corps unbreakable lifetime commitment (doulos/dog soldier) Declared / Disconnected = Mark and Avoid Being responsible for what happens to you = Believing equals receiving, Spiritual Responsibility for others, What you fear will happen Suppressive act = Being negative, not being likeminded, being out of fellowship, not "blessing" others Psychiatric help is forbidden = no need for psychiatric treatment since it's your fault for not renewing your mind
  14. Dishing it out

    And now there it is. Hardly anybody in it for SNS.
  15. Dishing it out

    They did encourage car washes etc to pay for the Auditorium though. We were encouraged to pay towards that over and above ABS.