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  1. As you said, our allowance in the Corps was not enough - made me remember how I couldn't make a copy of my research paper because I didn't have money to use the friggin copier. They charged us to use the copier!!!!
  2. Not that there's anything wrong with that.. (Just the hypocrisy)
  3. Janet gave her testimony every ROA about her "deliverance." I would think "There she is again, talking about how she used to be a lesbian."
  4. Great posts, Old School! Don't know why this posted twice. 2 means completion, right? Bulliger
  5. two lesbians in the basement. LOL!!! That just strikes me as funny today.
  6. That's crazy talk. TWI has entered the Land of Prevailing Loonies.
  7. I remember LCM ranting about "Jerry's Kids" and how it was wrong to care about them because they weren't what God intended kids to be.
  8. What I don't get about "scheduling the Devil out of our lives" is - if you're writing down everything you plan to do and when you will do it, isn't that letting the Devil know? And then he can mess with you and your plans?!?
  9. My main memory of him is during a meeting at Corps week, he was showing slides of our days in residence. When a picture of some one who had left TWI came up he would say, "And where are they now? Nowhere." Now he's Nowhere I guess.
  10. You THINK you didn't get possessed! ha
  11. Ralph posts here from time to time. He's insightful and hilarious! Don't think it's my place to reveal what he goes by but if you read the posts enough you'll figure out it's him.
  12. It was featured on a show called "The Soup" and was a source of ridicule. (It deserved it.)
  13. One time reportedly VP said a musician put everybody in the room out of fellowship because of their performance.
  14. I love the Drambuie bottles!
  15. Yeah, Pressed Down was great.