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  1. Dishing it out

    That would bring on more people.
  2. Leah Remini/ Scientology and similarity to TWI

    OK, watched another episode last night. Saw so many parallels: L Ron Hubbard = VPW (both creepy old guys) David Miscavige (the successor) = LCM (the successor) Sea Org = Way Corps Clear the Planet = Word Over the World "We are Special, the only ones who can save the world." = "We alone know the true rightly divided word." Billion Year Contract = Way Corps unbreakable lifetime commitment (doulos/dog soldier) Declared / Disconnected = Mark and Avoid Being responsible for what happens to you = Believing equals receiving, Spiritual Responsibility for others, What you fear will happen Suppressive act = Being negative, not being likeminded, being out of fellowship, not "blessing" others Psychiatric help is forbidden = no need for psychiatric treatment since it's your fault for not renewing your mind
  3. Dishing it out

    And now there it is. Hardly anybody in it for SNS.
  4. Dishing it out

    They did encourage car washes etc to pay for the Auditorium though. We were encouraged to pay towards that over and above ABS.
  5. Leah Remini/ Scientology and similarity to TWI

    I remember seeing an ad in the Way Mag saying "Remember The Way in Your Will". Even then in my Waybrain I was shocked.
  6. When Did Way Productions Start to Suck and Why.

    A TV show The Soup showed that and made fun of it.
  7. I agree. Someone contacted me recently to "have dinner" who is head of a local spin-off. From what I've seen online, they are TWI-lite. NO WAY!!!1 They even meet at the same place we used to have branch meetings. Last thing I want is ACTIVITY.
  8. Leah Remini/ Scientology and similarity to TWI

    I remember VPW talking about Gunnison being a place for celebrities to hang out and how he was going to have a restaurant built that went over the water where you could see the river through a glass floor. Really I recall he said that.
  9. The Way Biblical Research - New Slogans

    You think it's just a class, but then we'll own your a$$.
  10. The Present Truth

    that lyric made me feel a little sick
  11. Leah Remini/ Scientology and similarity to TWI

    Or like going into residence all over again.
  12. The Way Biblical Research - New Slogans

    There are no strangers in The Way. Unless you don't do what we say.
  13. The Way's Cross

    When I was in residence, some guys rounded off the corners of their nametags! Oh horrors. They were reproved of course.
  14. Way Disciples Group XVII

    5 grads is hard to believe. More like 0.
  15. Ghost Ryders In The Sky

    Ah but they are important. I checked out their Facebook pages out of morbid curiosity. Postings of the wonderful life they are living, successful careers, without merely a thought to any of the damage they have done to so many of God's people. I finally got over my interlude with them.