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Dr's Last Teaching - LOST for 17 Years!

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Hmmm...I see a 42 page thread about vics lost teaching but who knows what you folks are talking about at this point...

Anyway...if it's been lost for 17 years, why bring that sucker back now? Let sleepin' dogs lie.

You obviously haven't met Mike, Master of PFAL

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Great posts Rocky & Waysider ! Sometimes wierwille apologetics make me think of an Old Testament passage: 20 Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and

He tells them to be joyful.  Doesn't explain how.  The Word says be joyful *POOF* you are now joyful. Like when claiming verses.   Craftily disconnects the motive from the action.  . . .

Yes.   BTW, anyone who wants a quick summary of the main points of that entire transcript, it's simple. I said it before:   "Serving people is important for Christians.  Therefore, master

Just thinking...I like it better you're way...they were all a bunch of lying dogs icon_wink.gif;)-->

Actually I have checked out many of Mike's posts. It's hard to believe that there are still people who "bend over" and take mr wierwilles false doctrines right up their old renewed minds. Personally I would rather drink the koolaid.

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Uncle H,

As you check out more of my posts you’ll find that the detestable doctrines you mention are NOT in the PFAL books but in the TVT that we succumbed to. TVT stands for Twi’s Verbal Tradition, and it got worse and worse as the years went on.

Dr’s last teaching is a stark example of how we, especially top leadership, started to migrate from the fountain of living waters, to our own broken cisterns. Top leadership had such a poor handle on Dr’s advice by 1985, that they let his final instructions slip by unheeded and even unnoticed.

This teaching, and it’s loss, is THE smoking gun to the ministry meltdown.

The one villain theory is bunk. We ALL drifted from God. When we do what this teaching urges, things will get better again, MUCH better.

I still run into grads who were not given the opportunity to ever see this teaching. I’m grateful for this forum allowing this information to come to light.

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Uncle H,

As you check out more of MYke's posts you'll find the that he loves to hear his head rattle... and his "friends" have many different points of view... sometimes it's hard for him to keep them all in line...

Mike, God is not happy with the job you're doing. He does not approve of your behavior.

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