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Happy Birthday Radar


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dam-gum-it-Shellon-ya-beat-me-to-it! :asdf:

(I was looking at the calendar tonight, saw this MOMENTUS event up-coming,

and was going to post it tomorrow, but-ya-had-to-beat-me-to-it) :(

Radar --- You are the crown jewel in the GSCafe tiara. :)

Thanks for all you have done, for your input, and for your dedication and diligence.

Have a wonderful birthday (last one before a *big* one, right?)


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Thank you all so much for the kind wishes. My 49th birthday is tomorrow, I am trying not to feel to old.

I have a wonderful weekend planned with my mom, "my guy" and our combined pack of dogs :confused:

It will include lots of fun, cuddling in front of the fireplace and of course NASCAR!!!!!!

I am very thankful for gsc and each of you. You are all incredibly important to me, and mean more to me than you will ever realize.



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Wow, Radar dear - - I've known you the longest of all the posters I personally know here at the Spot - - taking us back to our teens!!!! Whoda thunk???

Well, it's a privilege to know you, the wonderful and funny person you are. So happy birthday. Hope it's as fun and wonderful as you are!

We still have to plan our rendevous in Calif. for some sour dough bread, Gallo salami and vino, my dear :biglaugh:



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