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  1. 5 points
    There's no getting around it. This doctrine that gay is not okay is the ONLY stance TWI can take on the topic because they believe that the verses they quote are GOD'S WORD. They hold to the idea that if the Bible says something, then you can't debate it. Period. TWI does not acknowledge the fact that St. Paul's letters were written by guess who ... Paul! TWI does not believe that any other verses they quote to "prove" homosexuality is "of the devil" were written by men who held those views, by men who lived in a culture that promoted those ideas, that lived thousands of years ago. TWI believes GOD told men what to write down and whatever of those writings made their way into the documents that make up what we call THE BIBLE are exactly what GOD says about everything. This is all in the PFAL class and hasn't changed to this day, as far as I know. Right? Have you checked their most recent websites? I'm preaching to the crowd here. But I don't think we can gloss over the fact that these problems (like hateful speech against gays, etc.) stem from believing that the Bible is God's Word. Remember VPW's old saying, "If God says it. That settles it!"
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    Great posts Rocky & Waysider ! Sometimes wierwille apologetics make me think of an Old Testament passage: 20 Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! 21 Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes, and shrewd in their own sight! Isaiah 5: 20, 21 ESV What an insult - to fault the students for the “teacher’s” ineptness (not even considering his gross moral depravity here) . How ridiculous is that?! wierwille was supposedly a "gifted teacher" – president and founder of a biblical research and teaching ministry – but one of the few things he was really adept at was crippling the intellect of devoted followers.
  3. 4 points
    Karl Marx studied politics, philosophy, and economics, each to varying degrees. He was neither a student of theology, nor pharmacology, nor sociology. In other words, he was neither an expert in religion, or opiates, nor the masses (except in how to control them). So, forgive me if I don't subscribe to his statement.
  4. 4 points
    To me lately it has been opposite of the Way Burn the Chaff. All those things they said to get rid of, I think are worth collecting. Childhood memories, old vinyl albums, family and time with them, good friends in the community who are not Christian, hobbies, relationships at work where you are not witnessing, neighbors, and in general the story of my life. I've got an artifact from cub scouts in my office because it makes me feel good. All those things they said to prioritize, I think are worth getting rid of. For example, Sunday Teaching service tape collections. Bye Bye. Boring the first time you heard it live, it doesn't get more exciting on tape. Way magazine articles and boxes of them. Bye Bye. You don't need them anyway, as all personality and authenticity in the teachings have been surgically removed. Besides, before long they will be further cleansed and regurgitated on a ministry website. Next, Ministry notes. Bye Bye. Somebody's rantings and personal commentary on a book of the Bible aren't worth re-reading. Ministry Bibles and all their stupid notes - also's marked, color coded to way classes with underline, whatever. Bye Bye. I'd rather read a non-annotated Bible in modern English thank you. I could give a flying rat's @$$ whether or not the italics in a Bible say somebody "changed a word". HA!. VP changed more words with his literals according to usage than any Bible scholar did anywhere with a translation. Besides, I'm not a fundamentalist anymore. I just read the Bible for positive inspiration, and sometimes for the crazy stories, and sometimes for comfort. You say it contradicts itself? Well, so does the entire human f'ing race. So what? So you know Way ministry, you were right and you were wrong about Burn the Chaff. You were right about the concept. It is nice to travel light. In modern times this concept has gained ground under a different name. Minimalism. But you as usual were wrong about the execution of it. That's because you, Way ministry, are The Chaff.
  5. 3 points
    He tells them to be joyful. Doesn't explain how. The Word says be joyful *POOF* you are now joyful. Like when claiming verses. Craftily disconnects the motive from the action. . . . Be joyful because I said The Word says so, mention "love" cause that'll sound good to your mind, now go sell PFAL.
  6. 3 points
    Damn. The Stanford Prison Experiment movie was on cable tv again today......."The Stanford prison experiment (SPE) was an attempt to investigate the psychological effects of perceived power, focusing on the struggle between prisoners and Prison officers. It was conducted at Stanford University between August 14–20, 1971, by a research group led by psychology professor Philip Zimbardo using college students." I know this topic has been discussed here at GSC before......but in watching it (again), it seemed so eerily familiar to corps training. The psychology of authority........twig leader, branch leader, area leader, corps coordinator, corps director and "man of god" wierwille Stripping of individual identity......everyone is under group authority; no musical instruments for 3 months; $20 /month spending; stay on campus grounds Mandatory scheduling........class attendance; work detail; cafeteria too (whether you ate or not); uniformity across the board / no exceptions Rigid Conformity to "lights out" at night and morning "roll call"........with thrown in 3am fire alarm drills to measure response and obedience Every day was "spontaneous obedience"......each day it seemed like THEY made an example of someone who broke the rules The threat of being singled out was REAL.......mocked in front of the whole group, confrontations, cite retemories, verbal abuse Elder corps were told to oversee the younger corps and, in essence, whistleblow on them if need be..... The psychology of authority was everywhere on campus........peer pressure to "stay in your lane" and obey When wierwille came on emporia campus.....he said NONE of us knew how to work [demeaning of self-worth] Indoctrination into the cult.......spiritual protocol, mannerisms, dress code, clichés, nametags to engender authority figures Idolatry and adulation of wierwille.......the man whom God waited for since the Apostle Paul to teach us "the word"..... (/s) Watching this movie was startling.......the gripping power of authority that was inescapable 24/7. The Emporia Campus was "the four walls" and the younger corps submitted to authoritative figures in dorm rooms, classes, meal time, running on the track to get aerobic points, wherever. We were given monthly household responsibilities that extended beyond our daily work assignments.....ie another authority figure over us. We were assigned bless patrol shifts in the middle of the night and/or mandated prayer vigils for an hour in the prayer room. So, for example if our twig was assigned at 4am to pray....someone might come looking for you at 4:02am if you didn't show up. This psychology of authority was OVER US........24/7. The only two options were 1) obedience/conformity or 2) leave/split/get thrown out. More later...........
  7. 3 points
    Roll away, roll away, roll away..........every butt is now a-hurtin' let us pray.
  8. 3 points
    When the roll is called up yonder I'll be there...for my two square allotment
  9. 3 points
    Interesting old thread this. Pity it deteriorated. I really did want some answers, about whether we'd recognize any "gift ministries." But thinking about it: Is a prophet a difficult person to live with, really? Sure, on occasions they might speak out with boldness and p1$$ off a lot of "authorities." But let's think. Jesus... one who always spoke out for God. A prophet, therefore. Had loads of buddies who hung around with him. Males as well as females. They wouldn't have done that if he were difficult to be around. Paul, the apostle Paul: one who after his dramatic meeting with Jesus on the road to Damascus, again always spoke out for God. A prophet, therefore. Travelled all the Med area with a faithful band of followers (only males mentioned, doesn't exclude there being women followers). Was welcomed into the houses of those to whom he spoke. They wouldn't have done that if he were difficult to be around. Visited some people, or groups of people, many times. I'm sure that in both OT and NT times, there were those who might have been deemed prophets and, just like anyone else, some were easy to get on with, and some were less so. If you attend a decent church, you might find that some clergy are easier to be around than others. I think that this saying by the (in)famous wannabe prophet VPW was just his excuse for his failure to address his genuine lack of people-skills. He didn't want to put the effort into "pastoring" them, but did want to terrify people by "confronting" them. Thus, he says that prophets are hard people to live with - and supplies his own excuse for being obnoxious and manipulative.
  10. 3 points
    Glen Campbell .............. RIP
  11. 3 points
    yeah, i think i'd rather read anything else
  12. 3 points
    It's best to start the Indoctrination process at an early age... ....maybe you've heard of another one of wierwille's classics "Goodnight Brain"
  13. 3 points
    I can do all those things. I can also discern BS when I see it.
  14. 3 points
    Yes, they do say Paul's letters were "written" by Paul (just as every other book was written down on parchment or vellum or whatever by a man) but the documents, VPW insisted, are exactly what God wanted Paul and the others to write ... God told them what to write. VPW made it very clear his position was that the men were merely the writers BUT God was the author. Which led vpw to say that therefore the Bible is God's Word. That doctrine is throughout every bit of TWI teaching I ever heard. Anyone hear differently? I will never forget VPW shouting, "Either it's God's Word or it isn't!" That doesn't seem to leave any room to disagree in wayworld.
  15. 3 points
    Principle #1 Induce and magnify egocentric cognitive dissonance into a full-blown psychoses.
  16. 2 points
    Yes. BTW, anyone who wants a quick summary of the main points of that entire transcript, it's simple. I said it before: "Serving people is important for Christians. Therefore, master all three levels of PFAL and serve them that. There are no answers outside the Way Ministry." (The end,) My initial response to it was that this was the closing remarks of a man with an overinflated sense of his organization, and an underinflated sense of all Christians outside that organization.
  17. 2 points
    Give it up, Mike. It was a second rate Bible class, not some fountain of truth and wisdom. It was rife with inaccuracies. Most of us were too young to realize that, "inept", as you say. You say we didn't learn much "in depth" from the class. Well, here's what we've learned since the days of our innocence... People were raped, robbed, deprived of career opportunities, psychologically maimed, physically disfigured and even killed as a result of their involvement. Now, you want to say they were "innocently harmed". Instead of feeling pride in your dedication to PFAL you should hang your head in shame for continuing to promote such vile dross .
  18. 2 points
    Ummm... Mike, you are blaming young, inexperienced PFLAP grads for wasting opportunities? How about if Wierwille's ministry had been of God maybe God would have given him guidance on how to help those young people build sound wisdom and insight?
  19. 2 points
    Why is it? When you want something good to happen, you have to complete a list of prerequisites. Miss even one and it won't work. (Details conveniently outlined in a 36 hour class for your convenience.) But, if you want something bad to happen, all you have to do is have a little fear. BOOM! ...Works for saint and sinner alike. "Why, if I was a betting man..."
  20. 2 points
    F'ing Lally0s and their anger issues finally got served up a heaping helping of their own karma. Now they live in the real world where they aren't important, like everybody else.
  21. 2 points
    technically, she just marked them. She'd been avoiding everyone for many, many years.
  22. 2 points
    P.S. POOP spelled backwards is constip..........eh, nevermind
  23. 2 points
    When some post about those warm, fuzzy feelings from the rock of ages.........I've got to admit, I had some of those experiences too. But after about my 4th roa....and being corps....those 6 hr - 12 hr work shifts, coupled with mandatory meetings and teachings in 98 degree weather for the next 18 years was enough to douse any fire of excitement. What is the backside of roa? I suppose it could be called by many names.....but, to me, its the out-of-sight areas that any state fair or rodeo or event tries to hide from view. You know.......the smelly trash compactors, the honey wagon (sewer wastage) detail for rv areas, the port-a-pottie cleanup, etc. Also, the food warehousing area..... the staging and prep areas..... are massive undertakings for 18,000 people eating day after day. Like most people.......I never minded working 4 to 6 hour shifts. That was no big deal......but when the shift was under-staffed or the workload kept growing......the corps were first in line to do the extra work. Not just one shift or one day, but throughout the TWO WEEKS (corps week & roa). And, the intense heat added to the challenge.....along with drenching downpours at night to soak everything in your tent. Add, a sour throat and dehydration......and it made for a very tough time in O-Hell-NO. And to top it off.....some of us corps had hq staff work coordinators. These were the ones who: ...1) Did NOT travel for two days and 800 miles to even get to Ohio. ...2) Slept in a dry, air-conditioned trailer unit (or founders' hall) and got good sleep. ...3) Drove around cushmans and hob-nobbed with their staff buddies. ...4) Had their suit and tie hanging in a closet and ready for every corps meeting. ...5) Sat around and delegated the workload. ...6) The field corps provided a major portion of the worker bees for roa. ...7) Etc. etc......I think you get my drift. :) Corps were separated from their children during corps week. Not a bad thing......unless health issues surfaced or someone was dishing out unreasonable confrontation to your kid. Yeah, the backside of roa was alot of hard, gruelling work. And, to top it off..........very little thanks. The guys on main stage, the teachers and smooshers basked in the spotlight. So.....no, forgive me if I don't quite remember those "warm, fuzzy feelings" from roa.
  24. 2 points
    Yeah........the blatant double-standard on full display. The wierwille heritage was embraced because he and his family were silver-spoon special. Yet......we, the little people, were scolded that it was "worldly" to highlight our families. Wierwille showcased his dogs, Harleys and porn movie.......hypocrisy much? [/sarc] Yet......pets and possessions were scoffed at from the preaching podium. Wierwille boasted about his individual pursuits, adventures and interests. Yet......the "little people" endured verbal abuse to keep running classes. No life. No love. No living.......in The Way. We were on the clock to sell their soap.
  25. 2 points
    Friends at the Café, the most wonderful thing happened in church this week. The vicar (Paul) was preaching on “Fatherlessness” and our resistance to authority. It was a very tender sermon. His tenet was that was a father most wants for his children is for them to be Safe, and that’s why He gives instruction and guidance. Paul acknowledged that some fathers have been very bad, even abusive; and he also acknowledged that some churches have bad leadership and have been abusive towards the congregation. He emphasized that we need to know the scriptures, to know the difference between true and false prophets. At the end of the sermon, one of the musicians gently played the guitar whilst Paul prayed, Then there was a hymn and after the hymn, although Paul doesn’t like to speak or go back to his sermon after its conclusion, he said he felt the Lord wanted him to say something. What he said was this: I’m sorry, I don’t remember his precise words; this is the gist. It was heartfelt. He apologized. Apologized! It was a spontaneous thing: the sermon is posted on the internet and the church is big enough that we have two identical services back to back in the morning. He didn’t say this the first time round, only at the second service, that I attended. Perhaps because of the “WayGB is monitoring” thread and my own earlier post on this, just wanting an apology – this was so appropriate, so wonderful. By this time, tears were leaking out of my eyes in a significant way. It was tears of thankfulness to my Father, tears of love and grace, tears of joy. I doubt any apology will ever be forthcoming from TWI. But I got the apology my heart desired, even if God had to work in the heart of a minister from a completely different church, to deliver it. I'm posting this on the “WayGB is monitoring” thread and starting a new thread. I want anyone there who is reading this to understand that God has arranged an apology on their behalf; and the effect that apology has had. See? Saying sorry is easy! To other hurt people: this may be the only apology you get, too. It was heartfelt. Try to accept it. I am not the only cult escapee in this congregation. I know there are at least two Plymouth Brethren from different groups; don’t know who else, and there are other people who have come from legalistic church backgrounds of all denominations. Paul knows the damage that can be done. Suggest if you want to comment on the apology, you do so on this thread and not on the WayGB thread
  26. 2 points
    I think the study of Biblical figures of speech might reflect this concept. I mean, most people know that figures of speech serve valid literary function, both in the Bible and in profane works. But, this idea that Biblical figures of speech reveal some profoundly "spiritual" insight into life and living is a bit like your aforementioned fascination with a coffee cup.
  27. 2 points
    Yeah.......and twi's "way tree" was as counterfeit as a $3 bill. The "gift ministries in the church" are ACCOUNTABLE to the Lord Jesus Christ, the head.......and then, are to serve honorably and uprightly in that One Body. Nearly everything about wierwille-doctrine and his centralized authority needs to be thrown in the trash. .
  28. 2 points
    Apparently, if you take mescaline, one thing it does is make things of little significance super important. When we first encounter something, like a coffee cup, we might find it interesting. Over time we understand it, have a memory of it's purpose, and don't really notice them or don't really become excited by their novelty when we see them, along with countless other objects. Mescaline sort of stripes people of that memory . . . and everything becomes super interesting. Which might be fun but isn't practical for survival. Just thinking of that in light of Waybrain. Things that had no significant meaning to most were significant to the Wayfer. Having Waybrain is like being on drugs? edit to add (which is shown in that silly book description, IMO)
  29. 2 points
    There ARE some tech wizards who started out as nerds and geeks, and now are on top- society has shifted somewhat over the decades. Bol was pointing out that the school-level stuff often does not- where the assertive, alpha jock is celebrated, and is excused if he breaks the rules, even at the expense of the nerd, who is ignored since he's not socially- exceptional, and ends up surviving his encounters with a bully rather than having recourse. Some places have changes written down that show zero-tolerance for bullies, but in practice, it's still done, often in front of adults, with adults excusing it as "rough play" or other names when they ignore it. I think there have been SOME changes, but in some places, it's exactly the same as it was a generation ago.
  30. 2 points
    There are lots of "lifelines" still dangling out there on face-book. And you know how to make them seem attractive to some people? Put a little tag on them that says "Dr. said".
  31. 2 points
    Humans can be such strange animals. The power of WANTING to believe is very strong. IMO, that's an underlying issue with cult susceptibility.
  32. 2 points
    well, you know, they are really only missing one word in that description. that word is "abusive". As in "This book of quotes by Dr. Victor Paul Wierwille and others shares great heart and insight. For many this learning process of a teacher and student grew into so much more; it grew into an abusive father with his foster kids...."
  33. 2 points
    Raf.......YES! And so are you! TY!
  34. 2 points
    I believe KKK's face is coming back. The matriarch of Emporia or whatever from what I recall. Real domineering personality. Had her own little following. Sounds like nothing has changed. I mean I guess if one really missed being bossed around by Rosie they could go over to that FB group and get their fix....
  35. 2 points
    God bless u aboundingly abundantly as u read this tremendously tremendous post. With the mighty way corps 46 prevailingly graduating this weekend i was blessed to see this wonderful picture of these 5 tremendous prevailing way corps principles. My question is how many times are they going to revise and rewrite the damned things? Prevail!
  36. 2 points
    Grace.....just so you know, Twinky is still a member of that racist, fascist, Way Corpse FB page. I was banned from there, as was Rocky and several other Greasespotters. If you want to form your own opinion, ask Twinky to add you to the group and see if Rev. Reggie Hammond Walker lets you in. Then speak up or disagree with him or KKK PIERCE and see how long it takes before you get flamed and thrown out. Then, please feel free to tell us what your opinion of the religious bigotry and fascism over there is. I'd be most interested to hear your thoughts. I know I am not misrepresenting ANYTHING about "over there", but, unfortunately, Twinky seems to allow her personal bias to cloud her better judgement. I don't know what prompts her to do that, other than her personal distaste for my semantic choices. We've had disagreements about this before, and I suppose we will again. I really respect Twinky. I met her in 2007 in TX. Very nice lady and a credit to England. Well educated, articulate, and a dedicated, authentic Christian, IMO. Try out what I suggested Grace, if you want to spend the time. Go see for yourself and let us know your thoughts and opinions........peace.
  37. 2 points
    Right, this is not exclusive to TWI, of course. And IMO what is "inspiration" is subjective. I enjoy parts of the Bible as wisdom literature, but have many questions about a lot of other parts. There is much history of the canon that's available and interests me, but no, I no longer hold to Christianity's view that the canon we see in the KJV is the Word of God in the way TWI means it. It's been a long journey for me to reach this point ... just my personal take on the situation, not meant for everyone for sure. My point here was that anti-gay teachings are what we should not be surprised to hear coming from folks who take the Bible as the literal Word of God. What else could they really say and stay true to their belief about Scripture?
  38. 2 points
    Yes, writing is hard! Who knew?
  39. 2 points
  40. 2 points
    Just for the record, from my experience in the 2nd Corps, when VPW was trying to explain principle #1, he said, among other gobbled jargon, that it meant having common horse sense, so LCM parroted that. Initially, I was confused as to what VP really meant by it. I think he was, too. Maybe he got the idea from someone else. Ultimately, I decided it meant listening to my intuition, which I thought came from God, like directions for my personal life, what we used to call "revelation." To me, that was spiritual perception and awareness. If you ask me, that is different from common sense. Who knows? Why do we care? I care insofar as I use examples like this to show people (college students in particular) how mixed up and manipulating VP was. He usually gave conflicting and/or confusing messages, so no surprise here.
  41. 2 points
    "Now, fellow twiggers, let's take our String Along The Way Chair books and turn to that wonderful old hymn, Wasn't That a Mighty Wind?"
  42. 2 points
    I guess, Howard, as the admin....deems it alright to make fun of other's physical appearance on his WC site. And, you know what? None of the other members said anything to him about it! Actually, I take that back. There were 2 people that chided HCW for being so shallow. And, one of them he kicked off the site. It is just an indication of the character of the people that are posting on that site.
  43. 2 points
    Principle #2 Practically apply psychosis in the marketing skills of spin and propaganda.
  44. 2 points
    No matter how many people you ban from your way corpse FB group, somebody will always be there to disclose when you trash me out of the blue. You want this ended, that's how you end it. Don't trash people on your personal group. Okay, commandant?
  45. 2 points
    A likely story... who's insulting whom? However, thank you for validating my post.
  46. 2 points
    The happiest thought I had driving out of NK on 12/14/1986, was that none of my children would ever again be exposed to, or imposed upon by a mindless, fundamentalist, destructive cult of personality like TWIt. And, in addition, they'd never become cult bait in their lives. Their normal early childhood development, the positive benefits and fun from socialization with a diverse community of fellow humans, and their PUBLIC EDUCATION sparked the curiosity and necessary determination to make their lives meaningful in reality, and to develope an acute social conscience and awareness of the good helping others brings to community and themselves. None of these legends in their own mind, like moneyhands er al, ever escaped the forced adolescence shoved upon them by Wierwille's Nazi style indoctrination/"training". The normal process of human development according to Piaget, is an 8 course cycle. Adolescence is phase 4, and averages between ages 12-20. The next phase, 5, is Identity Formation, one of the most critical of the phases, since what you are and determine to be as an individual human being is developed during this phase. Average ages for this stage are 21-32. The reason it is crucial to force "volunteers" to stay in extended adolescence is that it prevents volunteers from developing their own individual, unique identity, and thereby a purpose for their being. Wierwille kept "his keeds" in extended adolescence until his "teaching and training" coerced the volunteers to adopt an identity wholly beneficial to WEIRWILLE'S needs and wants above all others, including themselves. People like Moneyhands, Snorky and Patty Fay Roberts, the Fredericks, or the Horneys never made it out of that prolonged adolescence, so they never developed an authentic individual identity of self. Rather, they were taught that "self" was not Christian. Self is ego, pride, entitlement, and WRONG. Losing yourself in "the ministry" or "giving yourself to God", or devoting yourself to "living the corpse principles" forever, is RIGHT. So, wierwille kept his keeds "stoopeed" until their identity was "you're my corps, damnit!". Perfect for "a lifetime of service" to dictor Paul and his minus-try. But, not very healthy for those who accept it and strive to keep it until they die! So, in effect, what you have in this R'n'R cult is a bunch of 20 year olds figuring out that "the man" has been ripping them off for 40 years and NOW they're pissed! Well honey boo boo......too bad! It's too late! You all are in that stage of finding meaning and purpose to your life now that you're retired or getting close. No more sucking off mama TWI's teats anymore either! If you're not retired you will be fired and promptly M&A'd. A 65 year old adolescent trying to figure out the meaning of life after having wasted most of their own. So? What to do? Start your own business.......excuse me......church so you can do the work you've been trained to do. Manufacture "spiritual needs" in peoples' lives that only you and your "Word" can meet. Manufacture false questions, alternative facts, and truthful hyperbole that only YOU and "the Word"can answer and explain. Manufacture a spayshull new nuclear family of "likeminded believers", and make it even more spayshull and holy by calling it "the real household of Gawd". Maintain the exclusivity and exceptionalism of this "household" through complete, direct control of thinking AND behavior. Keep the "household" away from other sources, media, education, and most importantly other "Christians" and all churches! Make them fear da Debbil and debbil spurts, our invisible enemies which seem to be more omnipresent than God himself!! LOL! Again, the only way you can deal with da Debbil is by taking the ADVANCED CLASS! The one for "adult Christians" only! Again, learned helplessness, which makes life outside the "household" unbearable and impossible! Any one see some recognizable patterns here?? i have no sympathy for moneyhands or any of the self-serving frauds who signed that wayspeak much ado about nothing. It's just another tempest in their ever-shrinking TWIt teacup. They don't like not being able to tell everybody they're possessed or how to live their lives, raise their kids, and spend their precious time. Their way Corpse ministers after all. The cream of the crap, accepting "the charge of their faddah in da woid" to protect da woid, da woid, and nothing but da woid until they die! How very noble. How completely misguided and insane. My final word to these turds? Too effing bad! You're too late, too stupid, too dumb, and too immature to change anything. You invited 1400 people to your dog and pony show yesterday morning. That's like one snowflake in a blinding 4' blizzard. Nobody outside that 1400 gives a rat's ass about your minus-try, or your sudden enlightenment. Nobody who has been abused by you Nazis will ever care until YOU fuckers repent, apologize, and make restitution to those you have despitefully used through your years of "serving gawd and the household"! It's been 40 years so far. No one's holding their breath. Crawl back under your slimy rocks and STFU. Bless you!
  47. 2 points
    More like modus operandi. In present TWI the way corps on the field are the ones to really catch the brunt of the systemic cheapness. For example, branch coordinators usually work full time and then run the branch on their own time, unless it's a really large branch. In most areas their limb coordinators will question every expense that is turned in on petty cash. There is always downward pressure to do things as cheap as possible, get people to volunteer to bring cups, etc. Turning in mileage is frowned upon by most field leadership. And of course the pat answer to justify this so called frugality is for the person footing the ministry's bill to consider it abundant sharing. Drive 300 round trip on ministry business miles while gas is 3.50 a gallon? Just consider it abundant sharing and God will bless you for it. Never mind all of these people are shelling out more than %10 of their net income each pay period to the way international for the continued movement of God's Word!!! So what is the ABS actually used for? I know - that is the 52 million dollar question, now isn't it!
  48. 2 points
    Except "Wonder"land it was not. Wander-land, maybe.
  49. 2 points
    "Mission Creep" Isn't that what it said on wierwille's name tag?
  50. 2 points
    How does committing original sin (whatever it was) transfer ownership of the Earth to Satan? This was covered in a collateral called "Jesus Christ The Last Adam" by Patricia T. Talley. It has to do with Adam having dominion over the earth, the threefold nature of man and Adam relinquishing his connection to God. The collateral was, at one time, part of the set of little pamphlets that came with the class and was also sold in the bookstore. If I can find my copy, I'll try to post some of it. Tied into that is: then is eating from the tree of life a physical act too? This one was covered in the Christian Family and Sex class. The long and short of the answer to this, according to Wierwille, was "yes". I think the class I took must have been one of the very early versions because I have yet to encounter anyone else who remembers the rather graphic explanation that Wierwille gave. He said the "tree" reference was figurative (phallic) and the "eating" reference was literal. Perhaps that part was quickly edited out for future classes. When he presented this, Wierwille said, "I can't show it to you from the scriptures. You'll just have to trust me on this one." That should have thrown up a giant size red flag for me but I was too wayfer brained to see it. For a guy who claimed to abhor private interpretation, VPW sure seemed to spout an abundance of it himself.